Obama’s Racist Commencement Speech Reveals How He REALLY Feels About White People

With only a handful of months left in office and a trail of destructively liberal policies left behind in his wake, Barack Obama is pulling out all the stops and speaking his mind. He doesn’t care anymore about public opinion or his ability to pass legislation through Congress. He’s already gotten everything he wanted, and now he’s ready to pull off his mask and show everyone what he’s been hiding underneath… like his true attitude toward white people.

For eight long years, he’s carefully tiptoed around the race issue, but now he’s getting down to brass tacks and giving everyone a good taste of his actual opinions on race.

And where else would be more perfect for him to showcase his newly liberated voice than at a commencement address for a historically black college? We’ll ignore the fact that the entire idea of a black college is in and of itself blatantly racially divisive and get down to what Obama said in his speech.

“Be confident in your blackness.”

As you can imagine, that comment raised more than a few eyebrows.

See more from the speech in the video below:

Can you imagine the liberal outrage if a caucasian leader would’ve told students to be confident in their whiteness? The insanity of the double standard here boggles the mind.

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