Obama’s “Kingly” Vacation Expenses Finally Revealed

The public loves to hear about how presidents spend their free time. From pets and hobbies to trips and vacations, the president is always in the public eye.

George Bush and Lyndon Johnson liked to retreat to their ranches in Texas, and Camp David is a classic presidential hideaway. But where does Obama go when he wants to blow off some steam? He just jets off to Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard on the tax payers’ dime like it’s no big deal.

Obama’s latest excursion was said to be of “kingly” proportions, and his family was said to be staying in some of the most luxurious accommodations in existence. However, it wasn’t until recently that the American people finally found out just how pricey Obama’s little getaway really was.

A conservative watchdog group submitted a request under the Freedom of Information Act, and now the truth is being exposed to the full light of day… and it ain’t the least bit pretty.

Obama spent over $5 million in just two vacations. Obviously, taxpayers are furious.

See what the Conservative Tribune had to say about Obama’s five million dollar vacations:

Last week, a Freedom of Information Act request by a conservative watchdog group regarding the Obamas’ vacation expenses for 2014 was finally fulfilled by the Department of Homeland Security, thus allowing Americans a glimpse into the president’s “kingly” lifestyle.

“(T)he August 2014 Martha’s Vineyard and Christmas 2014 Honolulu vacations for President Barack Obama and his family cost taxpayers $1,243,057.80 for Secret Service accommodations alone,” Judicial Watch announced in a press briefing Wednesday.

Coupled with how much the Obamas spent on other posh luxuries — $39,575.95 at Paradise Luxury Rentals; $34,827.57 at The Kahala; $209,218.25 at Cabana Girl LLC; $4,073,464.30 in flight expenses; etc. — they in total spent $5,316,522.10 for just two vacations.

While vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard, the Obamas reportedly stayed in a grandiose seven-bedroom, 8,100-square-foot mansion in the Chilmark neighborhood.

According to Fox News, their Secret Service agents likely stayed in a similarly sized mansion elsewhere, as they did in 2011, when they reportedly partied like rock stars in a slightly smaller six-bedroom Victorian home located in the Oak Bluffs neighborhood.

“I expect parties during the summer — people come here to have fun; they’re on vacation — but I didn’t think it’d be Secret Service people here protecting the president,” one local resident remarked at the time.

The average American spends about 1/1000 of that amount on their vacations, which they pay for out of their own pockets. Yet to the Obamas, it somehow made sense for them to spend gargantuan sums of taxpayer funds to vacation like kings and queens.

Did they do it out of ignorance, or did they do not it because they care nothing about the American taxpayer? The second reason seems more likely, especially since Judicial Watch had to sue the Secret Service last November to get this FOIA request fulfilled.

Apparently, the Obamas wanted to hide their lavish lifestyle from the public. Sadly for them, they just got busted — and it’s going to cost them big time.

We all hope you enjoyed yourself, Mr. President. We were only dealing with a crumbling economy, growing Islamic State, and back-breaking tax burden while you were gone – nothing to worry about.

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