Obama’s EPA Get’s Schooled on Twitter – Maybe This Will Restore Your Faith in Public Sanity

If you rack your brain and think back to your elementary school biology classes, you’ll likely remember that plants need sunlight to survive because of a little thing called photosynthesis. Unfortunately, it looks like the clowns over at Obama’s EPA weren’t as privileged to learn this simple lesson, since they issued this tweet on Sept. 29.

The logic behind the tweet is still pretty unclear. In fact, most people are totally bewildered by it. It doesn’t help that the accompanying link leads to a 404’d page on epa.gov. The blatant stupidity didn’t go unnoticed either. Plenty of Twitter users showed up to shame the EPA on its hilariously unintelligible rhetoric. Here are a few of the best.

If this isn’t a big enough wakeup call to the incompetency of the EPA, then it’s hard to tell what is. When will lawmakers come to their senses and stop sending tax dollars to these quacks?

Do you think the EPA deserves to keep its funding?