Obama Speaks Out on Weinstein

It only took about five days, but former President Barack Obama finally found a moment to issue a statement condemning now-disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, an alleged serial sexual harasser, if not worse.

“Michelle and I have been disgusted by the recent reports about Harvey Weinstein,” Obama’s statement began, according to CBS News. “Any man who demeans and degrades women in such fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable, regardless of wealth or status.”

“We should celebrate the courage of women who have come forward to tell these painful stories,” the statement continued. “And we all need to build a culture — including by empowering our girls and teaching our boys decency and respect — so we can make such behavior less prevalent in the future.”

While it is well and good that Obama has now gone on record condemning the sick actions of Weinstein, many are asking why it took so long to issue a statement that in all honesty is rather bland and tepid. Some noticed a couple of pertinent details that went unmentioned in the remarks.

The U.K. Daily Mail noted that Obama’s statement made no mention of the estimated $680,000 Weinstein brought in for the president’s 2012 reelection campaign as a “top bundler,” or the millions more dollars the Hollywood producer/Democrat financier brought in by hosting pricey fundraisers.

While many Democrats have made a show of publicly disavowing Weinstein amid promises to donate the money they received from him to liberal charitable causes — which in essence is little more than transferring money from one pocket to another — there is no word yet if Obama will return Weinstein’s money or similarly shift it from his wallet to that of other good progressives.

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source: https://conservativetribune.com/obama-speaks-weinstein-detail/

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    The only reason he condemns him, is because he got caught. He’s now trying to pretend to be surprised !

    • gvette

      It’s soooo much fun watching DemonRATS throw each other under the bus!

  • clem

    Who cares what the tranny banging fagot has to say.

  • Philomena

    Left Wing Hypocrisy.

  • gene smiith

    Does anyone really care what obama thinks or says about anything? I wouldn’t even ask him if Monday was trash day…..he might take it as a special day to salute his wonderfulness.

  • ErnieLane

    He didn’t come down on Weinstein at all; they’re disgusted by the _reports_. In fact, he never said Weinstein did anything. He didn’t take Weinstein to task, just “any man” that degrades women.

  • A. Jay

    Ovomit didn’t have a problem sucking up to slick Willy when money was involved…

  • Janis

    Wow. He and Michelle actually let their daughter work for this pig. The rumors have been swirling around for years about Weinstein. Did they know this before they let their daughter work for him? Boy Dems sure like to roll around in swill. Hollywood, Planned Parenthood, BLM, etc.

  • Sandy Smith

    Why is Obama trying so hard to stay relevant? His thoughts are just as important as my 9 year old neighbor!
    Go away Obama!!!

  • Andrew Molina
  • Andrew Molina
  • bob

    “Any man who demeans and degrades women in such fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable, regardless of wealth or status.”
    These are Obama’s words, so why hasn’t he condemned Bill Clinton who did the same thing? Does it matter the number of women each degraded? The number of women Bill degraded maybe far fewer than Weinstein’s but Harvey didn’t get a BJ in the Oval Office ( or as Bill called it , the ORAL Office ).
    And Hillary condemning this, should likewise condemn her husbands actions.
    And the BIG question is: WHY did it take both 5 or so days to issue statements about this, yet demanded Trump denounce David Duke & the KKK ( even though he never solicited their endorsement, right after they said they supported Trump.) Are politicians now judged on how fast they respond to someone’s or some organization statement, that may not know or heard about for days?