Obama Says Muslim Refugees Aren’t A Threat, But That’s NOT What His Officials Said BEFORE!!

In this brilliant video put together by the good folks at the Free Beacon, they show the many times that Obama’s own officials said over and over that there was the possibility that terrorist might sneak into America through pretending to be Syrian refugees.

Watch below:

This is truly amazing.

The only difference between then and now is that the Paris attacks happened and ISIS slaughtered 130 people.

You would THINK that this would make the Obama administration MORE cautious about Syrian refugees, but instead it’s as if he wants more of them here after the terrible attacks!!

It’s really unbelievable that Obama hates Republicans so much that he’s willing to put Americans at risk, and ignore the advice of his own officials just to spite us.

Or is something more nefarious going on here? Let us know what you think the comments!!