Obama Makes 1 Disgusting Prediction About Trump Presidency After Orlando Shooting

If there’s one thing Barack Obama is good at it’s spinning tragedy to support his own cause. He’s done it time and time again, and now he’s using the biggest shooting in American history to do it again.

After the Orlando shooting, Americans were reeling. And Obama knew good and well that they would be uniquely impressionable in their grief. That’s why he decided to make this absurd prediction about what he thinks would happen in the terrorist community should Trump become president.

Obama says that the terrorists would win if Trump is elected.

The Conservative Tribune goes into more detail on the story:

In the wake of Sunday morning’s Orlando terror attack, President Barack Obama’s job was to bring America together, to unite us. Instead, he spent his speech telling America that if Donald Trump won the presidency, the terrorists would have won.

No, it wasn’t spoken in that manner, but almost nobody could mistake Obama’s remarks for anything other than fear-mongering against a Trump presidency at one of the most tragic times in recent memory.

“If we ever abandon those values, we would not only make it a lot easier to radicalize people here and around the world, but we would have betrayed the very things we are trying to protect,” Obama said, according to Breitbart.

“Then the terrorists would have won and we cannot let that happen. I will not let that happen.”

He then on to criticize Trump’s proposed temporary pause in immigration from Muslim countries with terrorist ties.

“It makes Muslim Americans feel like their government is betraying them,” he said. “It betrays the very values America stands for.”

“Do Republican officials actually agree with this?” he asked. “Because that’s not the America we want. It doesn’t reflect our democratic ideals.”

It’s an onerous sign of the level of division that Obama has engendered that he spent the time most presidents would use to bring America together blaming Donald Trump and the Republicans.

Meanwhile, did he excoriate Islamic terrorists or countries that have allowed these groups to flourish? Of course not.

To President Obama, this was always a political event. Never let a good tragedy go to waste. Then he wonders why the country is so divided and won’t listen to what he says.

To Barack Obama, Islamic terrorists didn’t kill 49 people in Orlando. Republicans and Donald Trump did. Those are his priorities — just blame whoever is on the other side.

This is absolutely despicable. Sadly, it’s not unusual for President Obama.

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