Nude photo investigation extends to other military branches

March 10 (UPI) — The U.S. military is considering the possibility that a nude photo scandal that rocked the Marine Corps earlier this week may extend to a website used by members of all branches of the military.

The report comes days after the Department of Defense launched an investigation into a now-shuttered Marines United private Facebook group. Members of the group allegedly shared nude photos of women, including some fellow female Marines.

But while the Marines United page largely hosted current and former members of the Marines Corps, Business Insider reported the possible existence of another website used to share nude photos of female members of the several military branches. The website allows member anonymity — meaning the identity of those who posted images, and whether they are military members, is information not yet known.

Though a formal investigation by the military has not been launched, CNN confirmed the four military branches are looking into the matter.

“After being made aware of the photo sharing site today by Business Insider, we are looking further into the matter and taking it seriously, but cannot immediately verify any details about the site, the source of its content, or whether there has been any involvement by any airmen,” the Air Force said.

The Army said criminal or disciplinary action is possible for soldiers who participated in misconduct.


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