MSNBC Uses Bush’s Death To Attack Trump

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski recently spoke about the death of former President George H.W. Bush and attacked President Trump. Brzezinski claimed that President Trump will fake respect for the Bush family at George H.W. Bush’s memorial service.

Partial transcript as follows:

President Bush’s death also has done what many previously believed was impossible. It’s inspired the current occupant of the White House to briefly behave in a way that’s presidential: with gracious words and a declaration of an extended period of national mourning.

But what becomes undeniably obvious with every bio run about Bush 41 is that stark contrast between these two men. Bush served in the military, treated people with respect and dignity and put country ahead of party and self time and time again over his half century in public service. Half century.

Over the last two years, deviancy has continued being defined down by this current president, his cronies, his supporters who love telling reporters that they don’t care how deviant his behavior becomes. Let’s see what happens at Wednesday’s memorial service. My prediction is that Trump fakes more respect for a family whose unprecedented history of public service [he] has repeatedly belittled. Then he goes back to making a mockery of the very office that George Bush and this nation long revered. Just as President Bush’s character was set even during his earliest days at Andover with the stories that you all have told, Donald Trump remains the man, think about this, the man he was while avoiding the draft and then telling Howard Stern on the radio that sleeping around with women in New York City while avoiding sexual diseases was his own personal Vietnam. He said that.

As is always the case, the presidency does not shape character, it reveals it in a raw fashion and that is why we celebrate George H.W. Bush’s legacy and fear the next two years of Mr. Trump’s wild White House ride.

  • Don Lindsey

    Mike Bezelbubski is an idiot!

    • Batbear

      That may be true; but–come on–she’s the best that Cotton Eye Joe can get. All of the other skanks–who can interact with males–are taken. And remember: Mendacious Skanks and Nitwits Broadcasting Corruption, Inc. does not hire and promote News Babes based on their intelligence, sobriety, sanity–and certainly not moral rectitude. They are hired on the basis of whether or not they can read the teleprompter, giggle when they talk and wiggle when they walk. So, exposing her cerebral challenges is, really, almost cruel.


    I love how the left always know what is going on Donald Trump’s brain. MSNBC DOESN’T KNOW SHIT.

    • Jim

      If they knew what was going on in his brain, they would leave him along, he is to smart for them, you would think they would get tired of getting beat up.

  • Arbie Viau

    I sick and tired of you media jerks always trashing Trump! You guys have lost the majority of “we the people” because you are rotten to the core, you lost your ability to be a professional journalist. So, Trump is our

    • John D

      Amen, Arbie. Maybe not a pimple, more like an abscess,

    • Jim

      Did this moron woman marry that other slug on that show.?If so, THEY COULD HAVE A SLUG FIST.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Yet I’m sure that Mika is unwilling to look at the disrespectful treatment Pres. Bush received from liberals a d Democrats while he was in office.

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    The Democratic Party proves once again, they have no shame in what they do. They are the party of the gutter people ! One of the real sad part of all of this, the average party member would rather look the other way than to say anything. Until it hits them in the pocketbook, it’s a Democratic Party right or wrong.

  • Maggietish

    Just when you think MSNBC along with CNN can’t go any lower they go into the very pits of hell. The corrupt lying biased fake news media along with the Democrats have no shame at all. They also don’t have any humanity, decency, ethics and honesty and the fact that they would use President Bush’s death, when he should have been celebrated, as a weapon against President Trump is totally out of early despicable

  • John D

    MSNBC and CNN are the scum at the bottom of the barrel. What kind of fool watches either of those fake news shows?

    • Don Lindsey

      Tony Barreda.

    • Jim

      John, I, like you are not a fool, I never watch any of that bunch of slim balls.I have my time for other things that mean more to me.

  • Tony Barreda

    For over 2 years trump has not exhibit any of the 4 virtues you mentioned, decency, humanity, ethics and honesty. On a daily basis, he lies an average of 11 times, he has denigrated women, handicaps, minorities, he separated babies from their parents and imprisoned them under armed guards. He has defended Putin’s assault on our electoral process and has defended the Saudi “prince” for what the world has come to realize that he is complicit to murder.

    • Karla

      Another true believer I see. No wonder you like Mika and what she says!!!

    • Don Lindsey

      And you have proven without a doubt what an idiot you are!

    • Jim

      Tony dude, don,t you think you may be too old to still be playing with yo self.?you have lost yo mind doing so, leave yo boy friend and get on the Trump train. You have 61/2 more years of our great President Trump, you Libs will not make it that long.

    • 1966pontgp

      It must be very boring to be a fly on the wall everywhere Trump goes so you can count how many times he “lies” a day. I suspect you are probably trying to just get a glimpse of his balls something you obviously don’t have!

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    The Bush Family have asked the “Media”-To Please Show Respect for George Bush-By Having no Anti-Trump-Articles-Statements and Remarks.But it seems a lot of The “Media”-Have Choosen to be Disrespectful-Reguardless-I SAY “SHAME ON YOU”!!!!