MSNBC Says Bill Clinton Sounds Like Trump

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski gave her opinion on former President Bill Clinton‘s interview with NBC about his Monica Lewinsky.

Brzezinski stated, “It has been for decades an unbelievable double standard that the Clintons have used and abused, where nobody is allowed to go there on this issue. And in the age of #MeToo, women are supposed to go there, and men, by the way. We’re supposed to be able to say what the difference is between right and wrong, and when you have done something wrong, you are supposed to own it and not talk about facts, distorted facts, and obstructed facts.”

“My God, he sounded like Trump. He sounded incapable of owning anything. To me, I’ve never been more moved by an interview, and I really appreciate that Craig Melvin asked those questions and put that entire interview to a stop and stayed with it, finally. Finally.”

  • Jim Wagenmann

    Did MSNBC really get their head out of Clinton’s ass after all these years to say something like this?

  • Rodney

    And Mika’s opinion matters how?

  • Ddenney1

    Watch out 0!! Just as soon as YOU are useless to the Commies they will dump YOU too!! Look how the left has left the black community for the NEW illegals that have taken the most coveted people role!!!

  • Janis

    That is right Mika. No other reporter for 20 years has had a pair of balls to ever question him before, including you. BTW, didn’t Mika’s father work for the Clinton Administration? Hmm, guess he didnt have a set to quit and stand on principle, now did he? You only have to look at your own father to see an enabler, sweetie.

  • Rich Kenny

    Be careful with whom you align, as they say.. “opinions are like ass-holes… everybodys got one!!!

  • Thomas A. Livingston

    I have to agree with Rodney’s comment below, “And Mika’s opinion matters how?”. But in addition to that, what earthly commonality exists between former President Clinton and current President Trump and the #MeToo meme?

  • DP

    Another liberal left nobody commentator attacking one of their own when they dont need them anymore, and then using it to trash President Trump-again. Liberalism is form of mental impairment rendering the embracer incabable of any type of rational discernment!

  • dlmstl

    Without Daddy ZB, this news bunny is doing news at 6 & 10 in Norfork. Used to enjoy watching Morning Joe. Yes, they’ve always had a liberal bent but that was ok. The guests and roundtable discussions were lively and usually informative. Not anymore. When Trump came on the scene the entire thrust of the show changed. Anger and condesension now permeates the entire show, with the distaff side leading the way. Some sound just like that vile harpy, GrannyPants! Have since stopped watching and spend time with OAN and Newsy along with Fox and Maria the ‘Money Honey’.

  • rivahmitch

    One stupid Beetch!!