MSNBC Host Calls Mark Levin ‘Distasteful,’ So He UTTERLY Obliterates HIM!!

Low-rated half-witted MSNBC host Chris Matthews and conservative firebrand Mark Levin have a long and rancorous history, and it broke out into a feud when Matthews called Levin “distasteful” during his radio show!

Mark Levin’s response was epic and awesome:

While Levin is never one to hold back what he really thinks, he also backs up everything he says with logic, reasoning, and facts.

And in this case, we get a little history lesson too!!

That’s why Levin continues to be influential in the conservative world, while Matthews gets mocked for his Obama leg-tingles, and can only get attention when he says something outrageously stupid.

What do you think? Did Mark Levin undermine Matthews’ insulting assertion? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!!