Mom Speaks Out on MS-13 Illegal Aliens

The mother of a teenager in Lynchburg, Virginia, is speaking out months after her son was allegedly killed by MS-13 gang members, many of whom are illegal aliens in the United States.

Angel mom Marj Stagno says justice will soon be served for her son, 17-year-old Raymond Wood, whose body was found in March after allegedly being murdered by three members of the violent El Salvadorian MS-13 gang, two of whom are confirmed illegal aliens.

The three alleged gang members are Victor Arnoldo Rodas, Jose Coreas-Ventura, and Lisandro Posada-Vasquez.

“We are heading in the path of justice for Raymond, and I will leave that for what they decide,” Stagno told WSLS of the jury’s decision in the MS-13 murder trial.

The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office recently announced that another two MS-13 gang members have been arrested — 20-year-old Kevin Soto-Bonilla and 22-year-old Cristian Jose Sanchez-Gomez — though neither of them has been charged with Wood’s murder, and their immigration status is unknown.


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