Michael Moore’s Plan To Sabotage SCOTUS Vote

Michael Moore who recently appeared on HBO claims he will stop Trump’s Supreme Court nominee from being voted on. He claims he will “join a million other people surrounding the United States Capitol.”

Moore stated, “The idea is…we first have to find ways to stop that vote from happening.”
Host Bill Maher then asked what Moore meant. Moore answered, “I’ll join a million other people surrounding the United States Capitol. I will stand there. … Bill, let me tell you something, this judge goes through, for the rest of at least — well, all of our lives, it’s a right-wing court. That’s it. It’s over.”

“We’re going to get the to point, my friends, where we’re going to have to circle Washington.”
  • Ed Mainer

    Democrats have lost their mind, even if they stop the nomination until after the election and gain control of one of or both houses of Washington DC, they still have only the choice of vetting President Trump’s nomination. Seems to me a lot of wasted effort to end with the same results!!!

    • Terry Butts

      They pulled this in the past causing a delay then pulled some stunt that got them the white house where they then tossed the nominations and allowed the democrat that was elected to pick the replacements. A blatant violation of how it is supposed to be done.

      They foolishly think that it will happen again that they will win the white house and thus be able to pull the same stunt.

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

      Keep in mind in the 1840s the Whig Party refused to confirm any of Pres. Tyler’s picks and it lasted almost two and a half years.

      So if in the majority Senate Democrats could simply refuse to confirm any court appointments by Trump. Of course that would likely result in his winning in 2020 and perhaps Pence in 2024 and 2030.

      • Ed Mainer

        All that is required to approve a new Supreme Court Justice is a simple majority. The Democrats changed this themselves where confirmation used to require 60 votes, it now only takes 51. So for the Democrats to stop a new justice they need to have control of the Senate, which I don’t see happening. All legal immigrants have been lost to them, just ask them, they totally disapprove of the Dems immigration policies which allows all the illegals in. Also they are losing the blacks as Trump’s policies have resulted in their lowest unemployment rate in decades.

        • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

          That’s quite true, but please keep in mind one RINO has said she won’t vote for a nominee who favors repealing Roe Vs. Wade.

          I’m hoping the socialist Democrat obstinacy will result in more conservative constitutionalist Republicans getting elected in the Senate and House.

  • David

    Best you stay home crisco kid , before you get hurt……..

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e817e46c4dd61df8b4861d4fc3adca41d6835480aff9746064445b9fe7808e85.jpg This is what you’re gonna say, him trying to get over the White House fence.

      • Pat Cross

        cruel, but funny and appropriate

      • Gammi2Anna

        Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stop Laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sides are hurting from laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!!! I may pee myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mascara stained tears running down my cheeks are dripping onto my clean blouse!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is cruel to do to an old woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • See what the socialists do? They want another socialist like Ginsburg, Kagan, and Sottomayor who have voted wrong on nearly every recent issue. They will do anything to block another justice who will uphold passed law and abide by the constitution. They do NOT accept the will of the people and the voting process. It was Obama, I believe, who said “elections have consequences”. I guess that counts only when a socialist is elected!

  • Patrick Feeney

    Michael Moore alone could block traffic!

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

      Hey, quit picking on us fat guys! 😉

      A 350lb conservative gorilla and curmudgeon

      • Lori

        But Roberto,you sound like you have a good brain,-and Michael Moore–now I ask you!

        • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

          Well, being part of the over-the-hill gang I worry about the loose marbles. But my son is watching out for them. 😉

  • JimMay

    This fat ass stand HA HA HA

  • kbmiller

    Seems to me, the more that idiots like Moore, Mad Max, Pelosi, Schumer, Gillibrand and their new Socialist, “Future of the DumbA$$o CROOK Party”, in New York open their mouths, the more Congressional seats the republicans will win in November. So……. Keep Talking !!! Expose your STUPIDITY !!!

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

      That’s a VERY good point. Let patriotic Americans see how the socialists have taken over the Democrat Party using Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Pivens tactics making it the Old Style Mayor Daley Chicago MOB Socialist Democrat Party Political Machine Plantation.

      Thanks for the comment.

  • Joe Gutowski

    Would like to see the military put put this insurrection down.

    • kbmiller

      I’d like to see Michael Moore put his fork down.

      • Dave

        No. Please let him eat himself to death and put all of us out of our misery of having to endure his sicko rantings.

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

      Should Moore with Antifa, BLM, BAMN, and Resist block the Senate from considering a nominee that could come to pass.

      I don’t like violence (being retired disable military), but with many other American Patriots I won’t be a doormat for the socialist Democrats who want to change the USA into the USSA.

      • 1NJNurse1

        The socialist/communists will not prevail.

        • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

          I hope you’re right. However, Edmund Burke wrote, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”

          Look at what’s happening in much of Western Europe where socialist and Islamists have joined forces to demolish Western Civilization.

  • Judge Dolittle

    I thought there was a threat against Moore, that’s what he said on HBO, so he is thinking about the demonstration. This ugly bastard should hang for being a Communist hating America. He pays his followers, or he would not have any followers, except his lover Maher

    • Rodger K. Shull

      that threat was banning all junk food, from him. so he will starve to death

  • apzzyk

    About 80 years ago, when Roosevelt took office and the New Deal began to use the government resources to bring the US out of the Depression after the private sector had been given the opportunity to do this under President Hover, the existing Supreme Court, which was dominated by Conservatives kept ruling that the element of the New Deal were un Constitutional, so Roosevelt came up with a solution. There is no certain number of SC justices required in the Constitution so Roosevelt though that by adding 2 new Justice positions he could get what he wanted to pass Constitutional muster. This idea was so unpopular that Roosevelt almost lost the next election – the people did not want a single power SC, they wanted one that was as unbiased as possible, but with a resignation or Death, Roosevelt was able to replace just one and get his way, and the rest is history. Historians of the period seem to generally agree that without the New Deal, which is still hated by Conservatives, that we probably would have had a popular revolution, something like the French Revolution, if we had not had the New Deal. People who have no jobs and who are hungry are angry people who have nothing to loose, as before the French Revolution, have no incentive not to revolt.
    Now, we had Majority Leader McConnell exercising his legal power NOT to even consider the judge that Obama had nominated 9 months before the election, using his Constitutional power so that if a Republican were elected that he could appoint the one to fill the position open by Scalia’ death, and then after Trump took office to let him appoint Gorsuch, and then had to change the rules of the Senate to get Grosuch approved by a bare majority of the Senate voting for his confirmation.
    This broke with the long tradition of having a SC justice confirmed by a much larger majority where even the most conservative justice now on the bench, Justice Thomas, got this over basic majority approval. Now the senate Minority Leader has asked the same as McConnell did with the Obama nominee that the confirmation NOT come until after the mic-term elections, but with some pigs being more equal than other pigs now, the confirmation will come before the next term of the SC starts next October 1.
    Merrill had a record of being the swing vote on the Court of Appeals decisions and depending on the law and the pleadings of the people before the Court of Appeals he could go either way and was not either a liberal or a conservative, but was just a judge who tried to be impartial. So if confirmed he would have been another swing vote. Gorsuch was anything but a swing vote. In the past term, Trump got his travel ban although it was religiously and ethnicly motivated; the Court took us back years in terms of the rights of labor to collectively bargain (one of the things that kept labor violence down during the depression and later); Gerrymandering is now the law of the land so it is no longer one voter one vote – again some pigs are more equal than other pigs; and so many cases were decided 5 to 4 leaving it questionable about the political orientation of the court. Now the new Trump nominee will be another Gorsuch, so there will be certainty of opinions, just like there would have been if FDR had been able to pack the court.
    This can be expected to defeat the very purpose of the court system in Western law, where the court, a branch of Government , is put between people who are having disagreements to that they do not take it upon themselves to do the might makes right thing. Right now, the only possible swing justice based on prior decisions is Chief Justice Roberts, but in this last session he was with the majority in all 5 to 4 decisions, so he ls less than totally neutral, where if Obama’s nominee,were on the bench all of these 5 – 4 decisions could have gone the other way. With one more solid Conservative Justice on the bench, those with really iffy cases will not bother, and since this terms decsions did not just effect individuals or even very small groups. it will become far more likely that litigation will be replaced with violence or at least civil disorder.
    The worst case is described in fiction and is found in the novel The Pelican Brief, where one side, that looks as the Court and the prior decisions and decides that it would probably have a better change of winning if two members of the current court were not on the court that made the final decision. It has been about 25 years since I read this novel, but I seem to remember that one of the Justices was found dead in a Porn theatre, and another died under mysterious circumstances that lead to an investigation that yielded nothing conclusive – in other words these two were probably assinated so that the decision was at least more certain. This is fiction, but so was Dick Tracy’s wrist radio not that long ago. What would happen if Thomas, who is now old, would die suddenly with Trump’s appointee being confirmed and on the bench – with the current members there would still be a near certainty that the Conservatives would prevail, but if Aleito also died the odds would be closer to even. Justices can be a real supprised – Earl Warren had been a moderately Conservative Gov of CA, and became the leader of the most liberal or progressive court in US history, and had he been more conservative, with the baby boomers coming of age, the Civil right movement and the peace movements, the results could have been another French Revolution. One of my friends was a member of the Chicago 7 who were accused of starting the Police Riot at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968, and when he and the others were brought to trial all of the people in the US saw the Conservative version of Justice in Judge Julious Hoffman, and were appalled, and his conduct on the bench led all who could appoint moderate judges to do so in the name of Justice – not politics.
    By simple observation Trump wants to win at all costs and cares nothing about the rule of law. I hope that I have not predicted the future, but dred that I might have.

  • Terry Butts

    So basically they are so upset the PEOPLE might get someone who FOLLOWS THE CONSTITUTION instead of trying to REWRITE it from the bench to fit some liberal political agenda they think they can THREATEN CONGRESS in order to prevent the vote from happening?

    Did they not learn from their attempts to THREATEN the electoral college into violating the law and putting Hillary in office instead of the LEGAL WINNER of the election?

    THE PEOPLE are no longer going to allow politicians to cave to their NAZI strong arm tactics of threats and violence.

    They can throw all the TEMPER TANTRUMS they want but they are NOT THE PEOPLE nor any form of representation of them when they resort to TERRORISM in an effort to coerce people into following their anti constitution political agenda.

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

      The socialist Democrats don’t believe in the Constitution as written, rather they want a “living constitution” that can mean whatever they say it means. Hillary in the presidential election debate with Trump made it perfectly clear whom she’d appoint to the SCOTUS if elected.

      Many who weren’t overly thrilled with Trump, my pick was Dr. Carson, voted against Hillary for that reason and because of her corruption and TREASON as defined in the Constitution.

      As Mr. (intentional) Obama said, elections have consequences.

  • dosadoe

    Is this Michael Moore really that stupid or is the fat infecting his brain cells?

  • Chuck

    Moore is an idiot; most Liberals lack in brain cells. Ignore him; if we get lucky, he may go away.

  • please lock him up…. he hates even trump’s voters , the man is crazy

  • Jmanjo

    And how does Michael Moore’s theme song go… This little pig went to market..this little pig stayed home..etc

  • Rodger K. Shull

    who is going to get to help him, tom arnold an robert denero, , fatty and stupid an grouchy. need four more drawfs , jim cary – dingy,

  • whocares6

    I thought he drowned in the flood that global warming caused.

  • Dave

    I believe it is a criminal offense to attempt to keep members of the Legislature from voting.

    [si-dish-uh n]
    1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
    2. any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
    Archaic. rebellious disorder.

    • Stephen Leonhard

      Be sure michael moore reads this. This phat phol really does not know what he is doing.

  • jewels

    Have you noticed the jowls on that fat assed, ignorant, low life, anti-American, SOB? Those jowls would put a 300 pound hog, to shame. I believe his brain is encased in some of that fat, that may be the reason for his ignorance.

    • Budski

      Moore and Jane Fonda (traitor) were in Traverse City, Mich about 2 weeks ago. Since they left the city has aired out and back to normal. Whew, thank God.

  • Richard Oswald


    • David Atherton

      Applies to most of Hollyweird

  • pbargioni

    Thankfully Michael Moore only wants a million people to turn up to his demonstration!

    • Budski

      Pity us. He hangs around Traverse City, Mich. Feed the fat a$$ Ex-lax and he will go away for all time.

      • pbargioni

        Sounds like a plan.

  • Chuck

    “… it’s a right-wing court. That’s it. It’s over.”

    Yup. That’s the whole point. The decades of judicial activism and anti-Americanism in our highest court will be over.

  • Albert Gazalooch

    This man is interfering with a lawful process to seat a SCOTUS judge! Treason for sure!

  • Doug Samrah

    Underneath everything going on here, is the real truth that you will make up your mind to follow truth, justice and the American way, or you will follow satan. satan is the father of lies, the demorats and the liberals have been doing nothing but lying for the last two years, (just accounting for current issues). Lies, deceipt, corruption, perversion of any truth, as long as it suits their relativistic way of existance. There are plenty of places in this world, for people that inwardly hate this country as founded, can go live. Remember, they were all going to have to move if President Donald Trump took office…. I say good riddance. Let’s pack a great number of cruise ships that will sink mid journey and book them cabins! This country was founded by angry religious men and women, and we’ve driven out those that would be guilty of sedition and treason before. I stand with every Patriotic American, to stand up and do it again. It IS time to remove all the flim-flam corruption in government, top to bottom, and bring the constitutional republic back to glory, as the President has pledged to do. WE ARE at war! Remember history has shown the vast number of civilizations have fallen and disappeared, because of internal strife. These traitors will not stop until anarchy rules, where they think they can dominate the population, an they have been allowed to for generations. Take back the schools, take back local government, take back the federal government, and secure the country. We have a billionaire that choose to give up a terrific life, to do just that, because of his love for this country and the Patriotic Americans, that live here! It is time to join this man, no matter what, if you love this country as he does! To all those in Washington that DIDN’T GET THE MEMO-WE CHOOSE DONALD TRUMP TO LEAD>>>VOTE _VOTE _VOTE THESE PEOPLE GONE FOR GOOD!!!!

  • Lori

    Michael,there is not a million people that would follow you anywhere,your not a leader of people,your just a pathetic old fat man ,didn’t even earn his money,riding on your parents labor.I know your big and blubbery, but even you can’t count as a million people.maybe 50-100 or so!

  • dlmstl

    Stay strong and remain resolute. Were are winning! Jus enjoy the show as the Dems and their lunatic left wing continue to unravel.

  • mad as hell

    Hey dimwit, since when is following the Constitution considered right wing. There are no wings on the Constitution of the United States. Just words that need no redefining or interpreting, all that’s left is assuring the laws passed by politicians do not violate the supreme law of the land. Apparently dimwit Moore failed the civics classes he was supposed to attend in high school.

  • Robert

    To all of the loyal patriots out there, All I can say it this….. In November, when you are standing in the voting booth at the polls, remember what the socialist-democRATS are trying to do to our country. Then get rid of them by voting them OUT !

  • Frank W Brown

    Hey Mr. CriscoLard, better watch out, the summer heat might render you down to a puddle of grease, PERFECT!

  • Animals over humans any day

    Petulant pansies…. all of you limp-wristers. What a nauseating bunch.

  • Gammi2Anna

    The good news is that even if Michael Moore begins today, the vote will be done and over by the time he hauls his big ass anywhere near Washington DC or the Capitol Building. Wonder if he thought about the heat wave having here in the DC area. It might become a natural disaster event when all that LARD starts melting.

  • yellowjacket2

    It’s almost painful to witness the psychotic blathering’s of someone so obviously mentally deranged. And Michael Moore is almost as goofy as Bill Maher!

  • yellowjacket2

    The way to get rid of Moore is to lay a trail of candy from his house in Minnesota across the Canadian boarder and into some deep dark woods.
    After he’s eaten all the candy he’ll never be able to find his way back.