Mark Levin DESTROYS Liberals Who MISUSE The ‘Separation of Church And State’ To BASH Christians!!

Mark Levin really is one of the more intelligent and insightful conservatives, and when he takes on an issue he absolutely bulldozes the left. In this part of an interview from the Value Voters Summit, he takes on and completely crushes the “Separation of Church and State” as a policy used against Christian freedom of religion.

Watch below:

He’s absolutely right on this one. The original expression of that policy was by Thomas Jefferson and it was used to reassure Baptists that the government wouldn’t encroach on their right to express their faith.

Only recently has the liberal far left reimagined the concept in order to impose their atheist cultish beliefs on believers.

Thank God we have people like Mark Levin who keeps defending our right to practice our faith. And let’s hope and pray we get someone in the White House soon who will feel likewise.