Senator Warns North Korea Underestimates Trump

North Korea is making a huge mistake undermining President Trump like it has to former U.S. Presidents. Senator Lindsey Graham is someone who understands that.

Graham said:

“Every president before him has said, ‘We’re not going to allow North Korea to have nuclear weapons.’ Well, they’ve got nuclear weapons.”

“Every president before President Trump has said, Wwe’re never going to allow them to hit the homeland with an ICBM with a nuclear weapon on top.’ They’re about to get that capability.”

“They’re miscalculating President Trump. And he is ready, if necessary, to destroy this regime, to protect America.”


    We no longer have a wishy-washy COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF!!

    Watch out nk. You just might MEET YOUR DOOM!!

  • jack

    do we really feel Obama was going to do the right thing ? no the only right thing he did was to allow the Democrats to stay in power and turn his back on OUR country right ? yes

    • kbmiller

      Problem is, that wasn’t the right thing for the country.

    • Angelika G

      The right thing he did was to allow the Democrats to stay in power…??? Are you KIDDING me…????

    • mrpoohead

      How did he keep the Democrats in power? What can a President do? No power! Duh!

  • Al

    This is too bad. The NK people are going to pay the price for their lunatic leader Baby Kim Jung Uns bad leadership ..

    • Doris Will

      The North Korean people have been paying the price since 1953. I often wonder if any of the people who pushed for communism are still around. If so are they happy or do they feel that they were betrayed? We all watched the North Korean soldier’s flight to freedom. The North Koreans fired on him, the South Koreans risked
      their lives to help him to safety. Then got him to a hospital to save his life. That was a graphic example of the difference of the value the two Koreans place on human life. All Americans should keep this in mind. There are no communist or socialist utopias. They do not deliver on their promises and hold you in bondage and human life becomes cheap.

      • jackieray

        if you ask the black community it is no better here

        • Doris Will

          Malcontents come in all colors. None of them would last in North Korea. With the way people are treated under Communism and Socialism on display now, a lot of people may reconsider their opinions.

  • xpmark1

    If N.Korea had functioning ICBMs with nuclear warheads.Assume N.Korea was losing a ground war to South Korea and its allies, and the North was only days before being overthrown, I suspect the North would have nothing to lose by hitting the US in many places with its nuclear ICBM fleet. Unfortunately its time for the USA to act militarily and destroy N.Koreas ability to hit us..

    • Norman Fox

      If it was just us I agree. BUT President Trump has to consider China to the north and Russia to the west. That is the question. I would have thought by now the Russia and China would have stepped in with some more horse power to support the US AS WE HAVE DONE FOR THEM IN THE PAST

      • jackieray

        why we have been calling them the enemy for the last 60 years and are still pressing sanctions against them we support Taiwan a breakaway province and challenge them in South China Sea while we are crowding troops up to the Russian borders in the Baltic and recently declared them enemies by passing sanctions against them like North Korea

  • Angelika G

    I can only hope that they UNDERESTIMATE our President so that they will make this ONE fatal mistake and America/President Trump can finally take this BRUTAL Regime OUT, NOT the People, as they have been TERRIBLY OPPRESSED….!!!!

    • jackieray

      the Korean people support Kim Because he keeps the US at bay they remember we dropped more bombs on North Korea than we did on japan & Germany Combined and when that did not crush them the general wanted to nuke them into submission it really pissed us off that they defied the mighty US war machine then they shot down a spy plane and captured a spy ship and sold us back the crew but kept the ship as a monument of defiance

  • Norman Fox

    Finally a real president and not some previous pansy sissies and that includes the cowboy,Clinton and the cowboys daddy. What the left is afraid of is that they might have to take up a weapon and fight for our country. HMMM seems like that happened not to many years ago. Remember December 7 1941? Anyone?

  • marco a. poshar

    President Trump , your DUTY is to protect Americans and American friends , -Don”t wait , NUKE THEM ,,,,,,,,

  • Kevin Padfield

    It MIGHT be acceptable if the NK leader who was someone who at least was sane. But Kim Jung Un was shown himself to be an egotistical megalomaniac who only cares about his own sorry ass and not anyone else’s.

  • generalJed

    The sooner the better: It’s called insurance. We should have taken care of this problem in 1953, but we did not listen to General Curtis Le May at the time. He had nine atomic bombs at his disposal! This is what happens when you delay doing something. Our people get killed. Time to not play fair!

  • gary

    Rocket man wants a war? whether he realizes it or not? he thinks he’s just rousting us for another pay off. cause that’s what international criminal pirates do!! like he has with presidents past. (coward Clinton & Obama in particular) but I think this time he’ll find out he’s stepped on the wrong guy’s dick!!!
    which is what all criminal pirates do sooner or later!! then they wind up dead!! which makes them good pirate criminals!!! as history tells us. (ref. Hitler, Mussolini, UBL, etc. now add the name Un to the list) the only good international pirate criminal is a dead international pirate criminal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jackieray

      he does not want a war he is like a rattle snake in the bush rattling to warn off would be attackers the wise person would walk around whereas the fool wades into the bush after him while he may kill the snake there is a good chance he will be bitten

  • I imagine it would be for many of the North Koreans like it was for the Yeziddi, and Christian women captured as sex slaves by Isis. Some who did finally get away from the filthy creatures, said they often wished they could direct the bombs to hit where they were so the vermin abusing them would be killed.

  • Bill Beveridge

    I keep hoping that special ops from the United States,Canada (would be right in the middle of any ICBM attack on the US), England and the rest of Power house nation will go in and take Kim and his top brass out. He is a wacko.

    • jackieray

      all this North Korean BS is the US with Japan & South Korea held hostage the rest of the world goes along with US economic blackmail
      but would not back our play

  • jim jones

    Seems to be no other way!