Liberals Are OUTRAGED At Ben Carson For Saying What MANY Americans Think About Muslims!

Ben Carson was assailed by Chuck Todd and made to answer for what Trump DIDN’T say when a supporter claimed that Obama was a Muslim, but his response as so politically incorrect that it’s causing a stir on its own!

Watch below:

What a terrible evil opinion!! How dare he think such a thing!! Oh wait.. so do a lot of Americans:

The wisdom of so publicly excluding an entire religion from the presidency aside, Carson has plenty of people who feel just like he does. A Gallup poll in June showed 38 percent of Americans said they would not support a Muslim candidate for president. The only less-desirable characteristics tested were being an atheist (40 percent) and a socialist (50 percent).

That doesn’t matter though because liberals are using the statement he made to beat up on him:

But late Sunday the Ben Carson campaign put out a statement saying that he wasn’t backing down:

I honestly don’t see the problem – he’s just identifying that the political intent of the Koran is fundamentally opposed to the freedom principles of the Constitution.

Is that really so controversial?