Liberals Accuse Trump of an On-Stage Sexual Assault.. Watch This

55272648_lDonald Trump did what the political ‘experts’ didn’t expect him to do: accept the nomination of the Republican Party to be the next president of the United States. On Thursday, Trump delivered an incredible acceptance speech and highlighted how President Barack Obama and the Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s policies are wrong for America.

Since the liberals could not find anything legit to attack his speech on so they got low and began his character assassination in the eyes of the public. For example, the liberal blog known as Winning Democrats proclaim Trump to be a ‘creepy prev’ who felt up his daughter Ivanka on stage in front of millions after her own speech introducing him.

The liberals took issue with the way Trump’s hand touched Ivanka’s hip for a brief moment following their hug on stage. In reality, it was Trump moving past her towards the podium as she moved in the opposite directions towards exiting the stage. Here is the video:

The writer then dug up old comments from Trump about how beautiful his daughter is and took it out of content to deliberately give the wrong idea. Thankfully, a vast majority of people can use their senses to know that these allegations are bogus and even hilarious. Some commenters on the blog told the write that he as reaching too far on this one.

Since Donald Trump has a powerful speech against the Democrat power structure recently, the liberals are scrambling to find a way to tarnish Trump. Sorry but accusing Trump of sexual assault for hugging his own daughter on stage isn’t really going to work.

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