Lazy Panhandlers Turn Their Noses at Job Offer – Conservatives Everywhere Are Cheering Over What Happened Next

In this day and age, it seems like practically everybody is looking for some kind of handout. Nobody wants to work hard anymore. Liberal culture is teaching soft-headed Americans to sit on their rears and wait for a check from Uncle Sam.

And what do they do when their free money from the government just isn’t enough? Well they go out and start begging on the street of course!

You’ve no doubt seen these people everywhere you go. They set up camp at an intersection and hold a sign asking for money. Suspiciously, if you ever offer to buy food for these people, they never seem all that interested. And according to one man’s experience, they aren’t interested in jobs either.

Michael Woolridge of Muscatine, Iowa took to social media to spread the word after his uncle had an infuriating encounter with two panhandlers in front of a Taco Bell.

Woolridge’s uncle, mentioned as “Mike” in his post, allegedly offered the two men employment. After all, what better way to empower someone who’s down on their luck than to give them the means to earn the money they need?

Unfortunately, the two men stayed true to character and actually refused his job offer!

But it’s what the man did next that gives poetic justice to the whole situation.

He actually made a sign of his own and stood right beside them! The sign simply said: “Offered these guys a job. They said NO. Don’t give money.”

Here’s an image of the post and the photo that went with it:

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 2.01.29 PM

Several Facebook users inquired as to how the men responded to being called out for their hypocrisy. Supposedly they left their begging spot, only to be followed by the man and his sign. How perfect!

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