KISS Delivers Patriotic Message During Show And We Love It

2The hard rock band “KISS” have always been known to be patriotic. So naturally they had something to say about the recent matter of people disrespecting the national anthem. Their latest tour, called “Freedom to Rock” is underway and at a recent show in Worcester, Massachusetts, they let people know that they will never be one to disrespect the national anthem, the flag and the military.

The band usually performs “Pledge of Allegiance” in their shows, which is itself a manifestation of their patriotism, but in the Worcester show, band member, guitarist and singer Paul Stanley apparently referred to the likes of Colin Kaepernick- who disrespect the national anthem over and over again- and said:

“You should remember, patriotism is always cool,”

He continued:

“Loving your country is always cool. Standing up, respecting and honoring our military is always cool. So, to show some respect between pick-throwing, we’re going to put our right hands over our hearts and why don’t we say the Pledge of Allegiance,” Stanley said before the band played its version of the “Pledge of Allegiance.”

Watch the video here:

That’s not all the band has been doing for America. During their current tour, the band will also hire a member of the National Guard or Reserve to be a roadie for a day and help out in the preparations of their evening concert. The band has also joined the Veteran Tickets Foundation. The foundation offers tickets to Veterans at discounted price.

And that’s not all- according to the Truth Revolt, the band also donated $125,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project.
In case you are wondering, the band hasn’t said anything about who they will be voting in the upcoming presidential election. But Gene Simmons, the band’s bass guitarist and co-singer, has appreciated the GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump for changing the game in politics:

Sounds like KISS might be leaning toward Donald Trump. And that would be a wise decision for any patriotic citizen, just like the band themselves.

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