Kellyanne Conway Accused Of Being White House Leaker

Author of “The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game,” Ron Kessler recently accused Kellyanne Conway of being the White House’s “number one leaker.”

Kessler stated, “While I was interviewing Kellyanne at the White House she forgot she was on record, and she started lashing into Reince Priebus. She said the most mean cutting and obviously untrue things about Reince and I didn’t include them in the book because they were so unfair.”

“She also led into Jared and Ivanka saying they leaked against Steve Bannon. And I know that White House aides have seen texts that she has sent to other journalists dissing her colleagues leaking material, so if you wonder, you know, why there’s so many leaks out of the White House one reason is Kellyanne Conway is the number one leaker.”