Kavanaugh Accused Of Believing In Conspiracy Theories

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) accused Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh was “unfit for the court” because his testimony showed he believed in conspiracy theories.

Lieu stated, “They are basically saying they don’t believe Dr. Ford’s testimony. She was 100% sure was Brett Kavanaugh. When people say there is no evidence for this, that makes no sense. We routinely in America have trials that are determined based on testimonial evidence under oath. Her testimony is evidence. In addition, there is a lot of things that corroborate her testimony. Mark Judge is a friend of Brett Kavanaugh, and they both drink a lot, they were both in the same area and had social gatherings where they interacted. There are a lot of corroborations. She mentioned it also in 2012 and 2013. She is not a left-wing Clinton conspiracy so for Brett Kavanaugh brought that up shows why he is unfit for the court.”

“You have to watch his testimony in front of the U.S. Senate to know that he is very partisan. Beyond that, he believes in conspiracy theories. That is a problem. When you see Dr. Ford’s testimony, it’s very clear she is not part of some vast left-wing conspiracy. She was assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh. She told people in 2012 and 2013 and for him to think she is part of a conspiracy makes me question what kind of impartiality he can show on the U.S. Supreme Court.”

  • Timothy Toroian

    If one doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories these days one is naive. If the effort to keep Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court is not a conspiracy I don’t know what the Sam Hill would be. The Democraps have basically explained it as a conspiracy. Maybe we should change the name to the SOB party.

    • David Atherton

      Naw make the name change to the commie party and you hit the craps on the head

      • Timothy Toroian

        Commie party is too nice a name for these CSMFs

        • David Atherton

          True but it’s what they are

      • WhiteFalcon

        I tend to refer to them as commieonazis. It fits them.

    • June G

      Well they are SOBs any way.

  • Ford was into self hypnosis trying to make up an event that was not real. She wrote papers on it and I believe she did it to herself to make her more believable but it did not work she did not come up with the right people to back her lies.

  • Craig

    Ted this one is a conspiracy theory trying to accuse Kavanaugh of believing in conspiracy theories. Ok who’s up to bat next – Teddy is out!

  • June G

    Democommies are ALL LIARS and well paid off by SOROS!

    • James

      And all Right wingnuts are paid by the Koch brothers to rape and sexually attack women and little girls. Your heroes include Judge Moore. Try using some truth instead of Fascists paranoia. It’s ok to not like liberals but it’s not ok to make up bs stories. Try living in the real world.

  • Bonnie Schulte

    Good Grief, how stupid does this sound..Unreal!!!!!

  • Chris Berg

    Ted, Ted, it is obvious that you HATE the US due to your careful dismantling of any and all American values, promoting such things as LGBTQ issues and support of illegal immigration using our laws to achieve your evil aims. You yourself were born in Taiwan, joining many of the other immigrants who now live in the very country that you hate while enjoying so many benefit of pay and power of political office, being elected by many illegal immigrants and criminals from your district that has always been supportive of criminals, left wing idiots, and illegals. Ted, you incredible anti American socialist POS, please go back to the socialist nation of your birth, and take every other illegal with you. Thank you.

  • Don Lindsey

    These leaders of the Democrap Party are the most corrupt, crook-e-d, sleazy slime balls, I have ever seen, they are unfit for a septic tank!

  • Original Anna

    Conspiracy. Naugh. Kavanaugh just had a bunch of screaming jerks being paid by Soros through his various foundations invented for the purpose of hiding who is paying the screaming jerks constantly interrupting Kavanaugh’s testimony. Notice the screaming jerks didn’t interrupt the democrats when they were being nasty with their voices and demands in tones I have never seen used while in Session unless this baloney has been going on behind closed meetings where the public isn’t invited. The democrats forgot to ask Kavanaugh about his feelings and knowledge of the Constitution which Kavanaugh quoted the Constitution with ease. When the dems got into Ford, a professor who can act from acting in front of many people in her many classes, they dug into drinking beer at parties with friends like it was a crime and Kavanaugh was despicable because when he wasn’t studying for his future knowledge of law he attending parties with his friends. The Constitution doesn’t mention drinking beer as a crime. I do believe the Constitution says nothing about a lawyer or Supreme Court Justice from drinking beer in his off work time. I consider one of the Supreme Court Justices who keeps falling asleep during work hours committing a worse crime than drinking beer in off hours since how do you make a decision involving millions of people while sleeping on the job and you haven’t heard the arguments of both sides. Conspiracy, no Kavanaugh spoke the truth about the democrats, he spoke for us who have had to live with what the democrats have done to this country with their socialism now bordering on communism. Why didn’t the democrats and republicans order the buildings security to get the harassment people out of the building. They were interrupting a gov’t meeting and it was public, out in the open, on top of that.

  • David Rice

    what do you expect a liberal/demorat to stupid to think. he is one of the swamp rat crooks of D.C.

  • Robert Dimmock

    It is amazing democrats are dumb as rocks. they must have sh-t for brains. They liae about a man for weeks,drag he and his family through the mud and when he finally gets a little mad; the dumbass lying cowards cry because he acted angry. What a bunch of BS! when he finally fights back the cowards cry, typical democratic politics. He just lived through one of the nastiest conspiracies and now they are talking about believing in conspiracys. what a bunch oc chicken sh-t cry babies!

  • Lizfan

    Didn’t Hillary call the accusations against Bill a “vast right-wing conspiracy”?

  • Philomena

    Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) Surely even you don’t believe the garbage that you have written.