Kathy Griffin Takes Her Apology Back

Comedian Kathy Griffin stated she is taking back her apology to President Trump for the bloody head photo which she once posted.

Griffin stated, “By the way I take the apology back. F*ck him.”

Sara Haines of ABC stated, “OK, we are going to need to ding that bell if that happens again Kathy.”

Griffin replied, “And Don, Jr. and Eric, or as I call them Eddie Munster and Date Rape. I’m not holding back on this family. This president is different and I have been through the mill and so now I’m back on the road. I sold out Carnegie Hall in less than 24 hours.”

“I mean, I’m not kidding. I’ve performed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Two places Trump has never been and can’t find on a map. And so of course with my connection with the military I thought of literally Daniel Pearl’s mother and so I thought, OK, obviously not very many people literally witnessed that horrendous event but when I thought of her I thought, OK, apologize. And then when I found out that I was really just kind of part of the Trump wood chipper which Michelle Wolf is in now and, you know, I didn’t know they had this apparatus already set up before my silly picture of a $5 halloween mask and ketchup and wanted to make a statement about what a misogynist he is.”

“It’s important — the First Amendment is the First Amendment for a reason. It’s the first one — and also, I mean, the thing is, this guy just is different. I don’t mean to disrespect the presidency. I’ve been to the White House. I have visited. I, you know, I was doing stand-up for so long, you guys know there was a time in the Bill Clinton days you could make fun of that Monica dress all day long and nobody thought you were a terrorist but now, like, you said things have gotten not only politically incorrect but this administration and learned it firsthand because I got a call the next day from the Department of Justice and I was under a two-month federal investigation for conspiracy to assassinate the president of the United States.”