Joy Behar Admits The Truth

Co-host Joy Behar from ABC’s “The View,” stated she was incorrect and “guilty of premature evaluation” of a fake Michael Flynn report recently released.

Read the transcript for yourself:

BEHAR: So, on Friday’s show, apparently I was guilty of premature evaluation. I hear they have a pill for that now. Here’s what happened. ABC News reporter Brian Ross released a story claiming when Trump was a candidate he told Michael Flynn to contact the Russians. Ross later corrected himself saying t was when Trump was president-elect. Ross has been suspended for a month. Sunny you have a statement.

HUSTIN: Yes. ‘We deeply regret and apologize for a serious error. The reporting made by Brian Ross had not been completely vetted by our process. As a result of our reporting the over the next several hours, we realized it was wrong. We corrected it on air and on-line. It is vital we get the story right. And retain the trust we have with our audience. These are our core principles. We fell far short of that yesterday. effectively immediately Brian Ross is suspended for four weeks without pay.’

BEHAR:  Okay. That’s ABC’s statement. Brian Ross released a statement also on Sunday. He said, ‘My job is to hold people accountable. That’s what I agree with being held accountable myself.’ That’s why I agree with being held accountable myself. He has basically –I would say that this is — people are slamming this as fake news. To me at this time a mistake. He didn’t deliberately put out a false piece of information he made an error. What do you girls think?

HUSTIN: It was a significant error. Journalists have to be given the climate very, very careful. It’s not important to first. It’s important to be right. He was wrong. He’s paying the price for that.

HAINES: Especially in the climate with the present administration. Sometimes he has a bit of precarious relationship with facts. We hold him what he would describe as hyperbole or exaggeration. If journalists get two sources, it’s almost as if they should have three sources now. I  know he said in the meeting — I think fake news is the intention. It’s putting out the story with an intention to mislead. I think it was a mistake.

NAVARRO: I think it’s a learning the moment for all of us and America. We have to have patience. It’s a serious issue. It’s about national security. It’s about the integrity of our democracy and elections. We’ve got to be serious and deliberate. As far as Brian Ross and what happened here, he clearly made a mistake. He’s paying the consequences for that mistake. I think it’s a good standard. It’s the same standard I would like to hold the president of the United States too.  I think Brian Ross was not trying to — he made a mistake. He is paying the consequences. The president of the United States embellishes, exaggerates and lies habitually. Who is holding him accountable?

MCCAIN: I have a lot of things to say about this. When it happened in real time, I think everyone was watching the show could see my discomfort at the room erupting like the Dodgers just won the World Series. I think holding people to both standards — I remember when Obama was in office Rush Limbaugh saying I want my president to fail. I think when we’re talking about something so egregious, it’s going to tear our country apart. There is no reason to be celebrating, cheering whatever. I went to a Christmas party this weekend. It is no secret most of my friends are in conservative media. I feel like I’m an astronaut trying to explain both worlds to each other.

NAVARRO: As long as your oxygen doesn’t run out you’re good.

MCCAIN:  Fake news and what we did on Friday that’s what I was accused of being a part of. I don’t want to sit on a show where I feel like we’re giving fake news or acting irresponsibly. Because the cut and short of it is, by the way, I think this is far from over, we should take the information we have and take it in time and explain it to people. Having one piece of information that ended up being fake news, in my opinion, doesn’t mean that an impeachment trial will start this evening.

BEHAR: Do you believe Brian Ross deliberately did it and put it out as fake news?

MCCAIN: I don’t think it was deliberate, but I think it was fake news.

BEHAR: But that is what fake news means.

MCCAIN: The Dow dropped 350 points after it happened, there are real-life ramifications.

  • Art Strohmer

    BEHAR was so happy she was pissing her pants. Again, it’s no longer safe to trust ANY media report initially, especially ANYTHING a leftie reporter or anchor says. The left is so consumed with the idea of undermining Trump that they will grasp delightfully at the least possible negative news. So often, they are wrong. Brian should resign! As a result of his tragic mistake close to 2 billion in stock value was momentarily wiped out, people sold when they shouldn’t have. Remember Brian, reporting bullshit news has its consequences.

    • NancyPlum

      It was very sloppy reporting on his part at best. The 4-week suspension (without pay) was too mild, in my opinion. As you said, lots of consequences.

  • Joel Frank

    BEHAR and her cohorts are kidding themselves when they say they believe Ross made a mistake. Ross definitely said Candidate Trump intentionally. He should be fired as his fake news caused the stock market to tank. Too bad he can’t be held accountable for losses people may have suffered.

    • dennis w

      I’m sure he will be unless he has 24 hour police protection……….
      lots of people lost millions because of him…….
      I wouldn’t be in his shoes for the world…….he’s gonna have to be lookin over his shoulder for a long time and lookin to see who’s knockin at his door……….

    • MrJackpack37 .

      Behar and Ross are two of a kind! It’s hard to tell their mouths from their ass holes, because they both spew shit from both ends!

  • chris4mill

    Behar is a shriveled up bag of hot stale air. Notice she still says that to call this fake news is a mistake for now. Why anyone tunes in to listen to those ignorant buffoons is beyond me.

  • Maggietish

    This was no mistake and the whole world knows it. Any reputable reporter or journalist woulf do a lot of fact checking, along with their network, before any story is released. Ross is not the new kid on the block and apparently he’s had a history of this so why did ABC permit it. The only reason ABC apologized was because the stock market took such a hit and people are talking about a class action lawsuit against ABC, Ross and the reality is they should include joy Behar and the producers of The View because they allowed that bitter dried up horrible bully of a woman to ecstatically whoop it up when she reported this fake new story because she thought it was going to bring down President Trump. Hopefully there will be a lawsuit and make the fake news networks accountable as they should be and hopefully Joy Behar and The View will be included in that lawsuit as it should be. She cost a lot of people grief and agony and a lot of a lot of money that she has to be accountable for it as does ABC and Ross.

  • Ed

    If she keeps her big mouth shut she wouldn’t have to back peddle

  • Tom

    If she was off the air she wouldn’t have to apologize either.

  • pinkgold

    Fire behar!

    • dennis w

      after they tie her to a stake……and make it a BIG fire…….got a lot there to burn……

  • Deert

    The media is only sorry when they get caught grinding out fake news.

  • Carolyn

    when is Joy Behar going to get hers. She is a liar a creep and most of all she sucks on tv. can you not fire her?? this was supposed to happen a few years ago, what is everyone scared of her???

    • dennis w

      she’s getting hers on a daily basis………..
      this old hag looks like she has to put her make-up on with a trowel……..
      still can’t cover the ‘canyons’ in her mugg………damn, she sho am ugly…….every time she opens her mouth, her head disappears……..
      she could blister ‘water based’ paint at 50 paces………
      I can see why she always uses a straw…she has to sneak up on a glass of water just to get a drink…………UUUUGGGGLYYYY…….

      • MrJackpack37 .

        Every time she opens her big mouth, she becomes
        a barrel of ASS HOLES!

      • gvette

        Are you saying she looks like 50 miles of bad road?

  • luv1nl1fe

    This “vetting” process must a new system for ABC because they sure as HELL haven’t worried about truth for at least 10 years. The last eight years the truth was passe’e, to say the least…

  • John McCain is fake news ain’t that right song bird McCain, don’t know what that means McCain ask any Vietnam vet you were with as a POW and they will say you sold out America to the enemy song bird.

  • Joan Imbriale Agostinetti

    Joyless , Humorless , Brainless , the bottom line , we need less of her ….period

  • WhiteFalcon

    Joy Behar is a lying lady of the evening and should be flat out fired, but she won’t be because she represents ABC’s values. ABC= Always Bull Crap. The shoe fits.

  • Doris Will

    I keep wondering why the fellow came on stage to give her the announcement. The View is not a news broadcast. Usually they will break into a news cast for important news. If the messenger wasn’t in such a hurry he may have saved Ross a lot of embarrassment and money. It would only take one unbiased person with brains to double check that information. It was a shame no one was available on The View.

  • 5live5

    Saw the episode, she was just about in orgasm at the thought of Trump going to jail. Too bad they don’t fire HER!

  • Kevin Padfield

    Here’s the thing. There’s fake news deliberate and then there’s fake news that’s because of omission or emphasizing things in a way the news media wants the news to be given to the public. Years ago, a 20,000 person pro-gun rally at the Columbus Ohio statehouse steps wasn’t covered by the major media at all but just a couple of weeks later an anti-hunting protest in Wyoming was. And the anti-hunting protest had just 8 people show up and the reporter was clearly on the side of those protestors.

  • Kim LaMela

    You Know One maybe two even three of these Mistakes in one thing, But these Lying SOB’s have been doing it since the Election Their Philosophy has been, Trough it out Excite the Liberal Base and Retract it at a later Point the Damage will be done and their Base will not Except the Retraction Anyway. How Dumb do they think we are, “we are not Liberals” They have Misrepresented, Fabricated, Out Right Lied, Paid People to Lie,,Held Back News, Down Played Trump’s Victory’s or Just Refused to Cover them, they have all on their own made themselves the Most Dishonest Media of all time. Trumps Refugee Ban got Months of Coverage Hours upon Hours each Day when it was Blocked, Now it’s over where is the Trump Victory Coverage? How Much Time was Giving to Tax Reform Passing Compared to how much was Flooded by the Media on Bathrooms for Transgenders?????? The Bias is so bad Fox has Posted on their Shows the Extremely small amount of time spent on Trump Positives and Compared all the Very Trivial Nonsense Negatives with Huge Amounts of Time Spent that come out Against Trump. The Liberal Media is an Absolute Disgrace Some of these Liberal Reporters, News People and so on were Not Insane before the Election which leads me to Believe they are being Forced by their Bosses to report in the Manner they have been Reporting or Look for another Job, Maybe an investigation should be started as to who might be behind this Un-American Stance the Liberal Media has been Taken??? Could it be Foreign Entity’s have Infiltrated our Media ????? Something just does not Jive, Common Sense is Built in to Americans “Until Now” and only Liberals Have Lost It?????? Can’t Be.

  • teachersaide

    I can’t remember the last time Joy said ANYTHING that I believed!

  • Marvin Lindquist

    The press needs to answer the question, Are we here to inform the listeners with correct information? I think for many the answer would be no they are here to see who can damage or bring down our government. Trump is president, these times require a strong leader, If you weaken our standing in the world you are not a reporter you are a traitor.

  • Thomas Goss

    I wish that this bitch would do the world a favor and DROP DEAD.

  • cdr479bde

    This is not the first time Ross has been guilty of fake news. If his credibility hasn’t been totally destroyed by now, it should be.
    Just another liberal hack!
    Oh, and BTW, yes he should be fired and so should Behar.

  • 1937shirley

    That’s a first from Behar and the other Lib cohosts.

  • Doris Will

    What a crock! Behar sits on The View as a holier than Thou advocate for Women, but two clicks away we find her engaging in antics that are not respectful to women: Women yell foul all the time, yet they participate in grab humor, there’s also a photo of Behar grabbing a man. To call this humor, but to be sanctimonious about men, without even investigating the charge, is not helpful to women’s causes. If Franken was an addict, Behar would be the enabler.

  • Bigmanuger

    I don’t watch this moronic show, I’m one of those people that have to work. Can’t stay home watching stupid propaganda shows like “The View”. I have seen clips of the show and it appears that it’s made up of nasty communist sows blathering on and spewing hatred of people that don’t agree with their communist beliefs. To heck with then to heck with this Joy Blowhard person and the communist subversive Opsie Blowberg.