John Kasich Calls SCOTUS Win “Short-Term”

Governor John Kasich (R-OH) believes that President Trump and the other Republicans confirming Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh will be “a short-term win.”

Kasich stated, “I’m not happy about the process.”

He added, “Let me tell you what I’m particularly worried about; our leaders need to stop playing a zero-sum game, like flipping a coin. I win, you lose. Leaders need to figure out how to bring people together. They can have a victory but can’t leave the person who loses advantage wish vanquished, any tactic is acceptable, and we use our tongues and say things that we ultimately can deeply regret. The tongue can also be powerful through the use of social media. What’s required? it requires leadership to stabilize, to make sure that they’re not vanquishing their opponent.”

“First of all, the court could be a short-term win if the people of this country are so divided.”

  • Nastyoldone

    I WISH that John Kasich would just ride off into the sunset, about 3,000 miles to the west would do it.

    • jim

      J K another sore looooooser

  • DonRS

    Apparently, DUMBKOPF Kasich hasn’t noticed, the Democrats set the terms of the “game” of Kavanaugh’s nomination debacle, but with a happy ending.

    Of course, he is right. Kavanaugh will only be a Supreme Court Justice for the next 25 years! Far too short, but then, Trump will have the opportunity to nominate a minimum of one more CONSERVATIVE JUSTICE, possibly MORE! Yes, even then, Conservatives will only have overwhelming control of the Supreme Court for 50 years of so!

  • insbuysrv

    She was telling the truth. He lied. The republicans allowed ideology to triumph over veracity. Unfortunately the Supreme Court will be diminished for a long time.

    • Jackys

      OK, another Trump hater…just like Kasich is….He is still upset that Trump blew him away for his last attempt to run for POTUS. Sore loser. Lots of leftist, Marxists and Dems fit that category these days…..and I am sorry, they will continue to attack good Americans in future, until every last one of them, is thrown out of office…..sooner the better for all of us.

      • Kstar

        Good post to all ignorant democrat followers who know nothing but hate and violence.
        Thank You Jackys

        • Jackys

          TKS backatcha! We shall overcome all their anti-American tactics. Kinda fun winning all the time….after the disgrace all of us put up with for the entire 8 years of Hussein. He had lots of help during his time in office from the same miscreants we are still dealing with in the Democrat (not democratic) party, today.

    • CCblogging

      ha, ha, ha

    • Kstar

      Such utter stupidity on your part. Wouldn’t you just love to get accused of lies upon lies and have to fight like this good man did to clear his name. Wake up man!

    • Let’s review the facts – she was a minor 15 years old. The “traumatic’ event was so devastating that she could not tell her parents (and explain what she was doing at 15 at such a party), could not tell the police, a school administrator, the FBI, her priest or minister (if she had one), or even her best friend! Can’t remember the home the party was in, can’t remember the date of the party, can’t remember who brought her home. All of a sudden many years later she remembers it was Kavanaugh – after it was publicized for him to be a candidate for the Supreme Court! After writing an article about how hypnosis could be used to help a person remember an event that never happened to pass a lie detector test. Dr. Ford is a radical activist, a member of radical feminine organizations, willing to do anything to preserve a woman’s right to choice. Talk about letting ideology triumph over truth and fairness. And you? You are apparently willing to convict a person on the basis of an accusation with no corroborating witnesses, no police report, no trial, no conviction. God save us from you ever being a Judge or even on a jury!

      • insbuysrv

        She first reported the incident in 2012 to her husband and her therapist long before Kavanaugh was even on a short list for the Supreme Court. She may have forgotten many of the details but her memory was quite clear on who it was who attacked her and who else was in the room. Kavanaugh lied about many things in the hearings. His definition of devil’s triangle as a drinking game and boofing to mean passing wind were outright lies. He also lied about receiving documents stolen from Democratic staff and about his role in the nomination of Judge William Pryor. Emails from the Bush White House show that Kavanaugh was involved in selecting Pryor, interviewing him, and shepherding his nomination through the Senate. The fact that he repeatedly perjured himself lends no credence to his denials of the assault Dr. Ford accused him of. All the Republicans care about is that he will be a reliable vote to affirm their right-wing corporate agenda to end a woman’s right to choose, to cripple worker’s rights to organize for collective bargaining and to grant the presidency unlimited executive powers to wage wars and discriminate against immigrants and minorities.

        • Mikee Wol

          You LOST!! Get over it!! Wait till November….you’ll be crying your eyes out again on the beating your socialist democrat party will be taking!!!!

        • Dee Mabuhay

          That is what she said and only corroborated by her husband. However, they don’t want the notes from the therapist to be submitted because, she never mentioned the name Kavanaugh. And, if it is true, why did she withdraw her supposedly criminal complaint agains Kavanaugh? Answer me that?

        • disqus_7EcB0kPDrU

          Kavanaugh told the truth every single time. Ford lied about her door, lied about flying, lied about coaching a friend to pass the polygraph, lied about timelines, lied about who was at the party. Now the biggest fraud is that why would a 15 year old girl, leave her best friend at a party with “rapists” and possible “killers” and not even contact the police??? Ford’s testimony is so rotten it’s beyond the pale.

    • jim

      WHo is paying you you stupid ass

    • Peter Smith

      She’s telling the truth? All of her “eye witnesses” tell a different story. Her friend even said she doesn’t even remember there ever being a party or even knowing or even ever meeting Kavanaugh. She lied numerous times in her “testimony” and now has given up even pursuing charges. Massachusetts has no statute of limitations and she won’t pursue justice? She’s not filing because then she really will be exposed as the complete and utter liar she truly is ……..

    • Mikee Wol

      I wish you would read a post below from jemnet. Couldn’t say it any better myself. If any part of that post is wrong…lets hear it.

      • Jackys

        Mikee….He can’t….wouldn’t even read it. Wasting our time trying to convince anyone who is so closed minded as he obviously is. Republican; Conservatism and Trump, the name…..are all swearwords to the Marxist left and most Democrats these days.

  • CCblogging

    John Kasich takes money from Nazi George Soros! Kasich got $500,000 from Soros in one year! ………….

    A new report from the Center for Responsive Politics reveals which Republicans received funding from George Soros and his hedge fund employees. The official RINOs are John McCain, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and John Kasich, via Breitbart.

  • Dodie1990

    Kasich should man up and become a Democrat. He would be much happier.

  • Albert Witte

    Kasich is such a rino, I don’t know why he just doesn’t switch to the democratic party and get it done with. We would be a whole lot better off! Then maybe Ohio can find a real republican to send to Washington!

    • americanswhoarehonest

      A rino is so much better than being a WHITE SUPREMACIST. I do think I heard that they may be reopening the Kavanaugh case. They should have got it RIGHT before he voted on one thing.

  • I have a message to John Kasich – What you are advocating is analogous to agreeing to compromise and ‘get along” with the Nazis in Germany, or with Japan after Pearl Harbor. John apparently does not see that this is a fight between those who believe in freedom and those who believe in socialism – total control of the people. One side fights fair, the other fights dirty, no lie, no act, no accusation too dirty to use to get the power they so desperately crave. One wonders which side John is on.


    President Trump sure didn’t start this b.s. The crooked damn democrats involved should have their ass thrown out of congress.

    • jim

      NAH just shoot the mother fkrs

  • harley93

    Kasich is a big baby, he still can’t get over being B slapped by Trump. Hey John, get over yourself no one really cares what you think.

  • Don Lindsey

    John Kasich might be the one that is short term!

  • Janis

    Has anyone become less relevant in the political arena? Hard to think of one.

  • rodstew

    I am at a loss. Kasich knows something about winning long term?

  • Robert F

    Do people really not understand why real Republicans do not respect or want Kasich anymore? Marine Bob

  • Jim Kellely

    What in hell is wrong with Kasich? I think his nasty attitude still stems from the azz whooping he took from our POTUS! Let it go John and start supporting the Rep Party vs hindering it! Judge Kavanaugh is a good man and “your buddies on the left”, need a good ole “Azz Whooping” as well. Join the team or shut the hell up and get out of the way!

  • Canesmang

    I thought this jackass was a Republican? I’m a conservative Buckeye, and I am really disappointed in this RHINO who has a bad case of TDR!


    Kasich is such a stick in the mud…. With his leadership we would in a Third World War…

  • Tony

    Showed some promise and had some respect at one time but now a total sour grapes loser. Time to leave the party RINO!!

  • Brabado

    John Kasich has NOTHING TO contribute to our country..
    Perhaps he should become a Democrat and hold hands with Pelosi and Criminal Hillary.
    He is a RINO traying to get some attention…
    Good luck John…. but you are through!
    Semper fi.

  • apzzyk

    I am really gald that all 3 branches of government are in the hands of the Party of Trump because there is now no way that the loyal followers Hillary or even Bigfoot any more, but even with that I do not expect that blame game will change all that much, because since the now devine leader who has never made a mistake can keep on doing all of those great things that have turned out so well so far. The repeal of the ACA worked so well last year that more people than ever signed up, and that will probably happen again this year. Then there was the equally Great thing of pulling out of the treaty with Iran so that it could go back to enriching its nuclear fuel without the pesky UN inspectors, and now since we are the only ones out of it, our great friends the Russians, and our brand new threats to our national security can also ignore our sanctions since our real TRUMP card of raising tariffs on their goods has already been played so now the great leader and holder of all knowledge will be happy when no one talks to us anymore because we know that we are approaching Greatness when no one talks to us or lets us play with their toys. Zero Tolerance has worked so well in keeping those people out from the S., that they have been coming across in such record levels that we have no places left to keep them in our detension centers that we are having to pay at least $2,000 a month in licensed child care facilities that we will not be able to pay any of our other bills, such as veterans pensions, Social Security or even for the hospitalization of our sick elderly who will only be to happy to die for him. The tarifs of imported steel are working so well that the economies of the farm state that supported him in the election that the people of these states will have to do the good business things of going bankrupt as he has done, which show that he is the real financial wizard and not Warren Buffet who has never had such an honor. Give him another 6 years and he will be able to apply to Cuba for foreign aid. Every one should praise him for making the US the greatest failed state, in the shortest period of time in human history.

  • inspector

    Kasich is nothing but aDUMB SHIT HEAD

  • Rich

    Just what you would expect from someone on the
    Soros payroll. Just like the Chicago outfit. once in you cant leave

  • comanchewill

    I use to like this guy hmmm hard to believe today….well I voted for Jimmy Carter too so what does that tell you! “dont judge a book by its cover” maybe