Jimmy Carter Speaks On Trump’s Policies

Recently as a student town hall at Emory University, former President Jimmy Carter stated he would change literally “all” of President Trump’s policies, if he could.

After being asked what he would do if was given the chance to be the president again, Carter said, “If I were foolish enough to feel I could be president again and I got to be president, I think the first thing I would do would be to change all of the policies that President Trump has initiated since he has been in office.”

“I pray for him fairly regularly.”

“If he answered my prayers, he’d have to change a lot of things.”
“I hope he will do well if he finishes out his first term.”
After the comments, Carter was given a standing ovation.
  • Bud William

    Jimmie, what do you have to hang your hat on from your presidency? Not much. You should enjoy your retirement years and let the man do what he can to fix this country. As the democrats have done enough damage in triing to end capitalism and push us into socialism.

    • jim

      Jimmie Carter a total nothing as president of yea high inflation a failed raid into Iran and a whole lot of nothing well he was and American

  • Samurai_Sam

    it’s a new twist onr an old adage “Those that can, do”! “Those that couldn’t do Criticize those that can” . It’s the Democrat way!

  • Timothy Toroian

    HEY, STUPID, you mean you’d go back to being hostile with North Korea?

  • FAITH47

    Jimmy Carter your days are over. Live Donald Trump alone he knows what he’s doing your policy was a disaster when you are a President.

  • That is why Carter is the worst President ever but soon to loose that distinction because Obama criminalized many of the agencies and clueless on how to fix anything and raising the debt more than all previous Presidents and no one in the country benefited except illegals and those that have zero skin in the game.

  • ahrcshaw

    I can not believe Jimmy Carter is a Socialist, and his comments just continue to show his inability to think through things. Sad, but Oblaimer, Biden and Carter are in it for what they can get, all one has to do is listen to their comments which put them first and citizens second. ME, ME, ME, ME, I, I, I, bull skips. All they are concerned about is their power to rule and to make this country into a one party Socialist Progressive Liberal Democrat hell hole. No morals, no independence, no individualism, just total government control, and a World order run by the UN. It is not only Sad, Sick, it is totally UnAmerican. Say it like it is. What is happening to Mr Kavanaugh, is pure Socialist undermining obstruction.

  • ArizonaMomma

    Jimmy Carter you were the second worse president. So sit back enjoy retirement, shut your mouth because nobody cares what you have to say. Typical liberal A-holes.

  • jackel

    Sure carter would change all the policies. What does he care the country goes to socialism. He has his palace on the hill where he can watch the people suffer under socialism, as they eventually will (a proven fact; look at Obama’s and the dems role model for America, Venezuela, and soon to be California).
    He will remain untouched, as will all the socialism elitists. Only We the People will suffer.
    He is being an obstructionist. His time is over; as well as B. Obama. All of which don’t listen to We the People!!!

  • apzzyk

    First, we should look at the effects of Trump’s great policies so far, and do some forecasting into the near future. First there was the repeal of the ACA. The GOP had been attacking in and calling it nasty names for 7 years, but when it came down to repeal and when people leaned that they would loose benefits that they had enjoyed because of it, the Conservative and mostly rural members of the house who had voted for repeal were come home because their districts had trees and their voters had either ropes or tar and feathers. This farce may just provide the margins needed for the democrats to take the House and maybe the Senate. The same may also hold for the great tax reform where people in blue states will pay more federal taxes than before because they will no longer be able to claim all of their previsous deductions like state and local taxes. Come Januay 1, when the Federal Taxes come due the blue states will be challenging them on consitutional grounds, such as the ones that have gotten Trumps great EO’s declared unconstitutional. His great Zero tolerance with its separation of familes did not play well in Peoria and now that we can see the effects will probably alienate more people as the results come in. The courts are now stepping in to try to fix his great mistakes that will probably cost the taxpayers millions or even billions. Trump violated the legal rights of those seeking asylum that are international law by separating families – the European countries who are also parties to these treaties have never separated families even with millions more coming as refugees, and now with his order to detain all, new records have been set at our S. border because they are coming to get free room and board and all that goes with being detained, to the extent that he has had to rob Peter to pay Paul by taking $10 from FEMA just to pay for the increased cost before the end of the month and the new fiscal year, and there will be more taxpayer money to build new detention centers for the families, since he has already violated the time restrictions set by the courts on detaining children with or without parents. Before this, only those with legal status in the US could get federal benefits but with this dentention, they are now getting millions a day, with more to come. We are also seeing more of the effects of the great tariffs that were, according to Trump, to punish other countries for taking advantage of us in world trade. He did not know that our domestic production of steel was only about 75% of domestic demand so with the tariffs our domestic steel industry did the expected – increase their prices to just below that which the cost would have been to import steel with the tariffs, and this increased the prices for all domestic users of steel from the auto industry to the makers to steel widgets who still have to compete with foreign providers of the same finished steel products, to the extent that they cannot compete on prices, so they are either going to have to go out of business or move to the other threats to our national security -Canada and Mexico and make their finished steel products there and export them to the US, where in either case jobs will be lost, and our imbalance of trade with these will increase for no net change. There will be no replacement for the Soy and port that we do not sell to China because they have gone to his great friend Putin to get what they need. Then there it the great wall. Trump does not know that any Mexican citizen can go to any airport there and for about $300.00 US fly to a Canadian city and get a tourist visa there, take public transportation to somewhere near the legal border crossing, go a mile on either side, and walk, swim, or even get on a private plane and fly across the border and never even be noticed, much less caught – that is called an ‘end run’ which Trump the football fan does not quite understand. Then there are his other legal problems. While he is still attackting Mueller daily he has been totally silent on what is happening on the NY front, where, for the first time neither the President nor the Vice President attended the cerimonies at ground Zero – might they not be welcome there? Where has either gone in CA since the election. The leaders of countries that do not appear in public places on important events are usually on their ways out. His appearance today at a USMC Air Station,where no one is armed, was pretty safe, why not at a public air port? Why, if he is so popular and has done such great things are the areas where he won by double digets now going to Democrats by sometimes double didgets. If the economy so good, why to the homeless outnumber the officially unemployed by at least twice? If the previous tariffs did not work as planned, why is he raising the tariffs on China again? Why for the first time since Nixon went to China are China and Russia holding joint military exercises? North Korean missles are launched from trucks, so is closing one fixed test pad a big deal?
    If He fails as President will he take all of us with him?

  • Chris Berg

    OK, Jimmy, we get your veiled threat when you said ““I hope he will do well if he finishes out his first term.”. Do you know something we don’t ? Should we contact the Secret Service to let them know that you have some insider information? You burned out socialist, you are running neck and neck with Obama as the WORST President in US history. A-Hole. STFU.

  • CCblogging
  • johnnywoods

    Carter is a “fas been” and a “chump” so who cares what he thinks.

  • Richard

    Jimmy Carter really prayed for Obozo to come and make peanut brain the second worse president in history. So now he can say “at least I weren’t the worse there was”, what a baffon he is.

  • Vaquero

    Carter is a commie and an idiot. Care less about him. But all these shitheads students with the “standing ovation ” …..If this is the future of the America – God helps us all.

    • Judy Roberts

      my exact thought! EMORY just lost their right to claim to be an upgrade school! Thank GOD 2 of my sons decided to Not go to (as my sons claim) LIMPY LEFT Academy! Way to go Emory!

  • WhiteFalcon

    Jimmy Carter is a dumb sh*t communist. Look at what happened when he had the chance to do good things. I remember the 15% inflation that was totally his fault. He was killed when he ran again and Regan won and saved the country. Socialism/communism/Nazism doesn’t work. Libturds can’t figure that out, but they can’t figure anything else out either.

  • Elaine Bobula

    What else would a democrat say

  • Elaine Bobula

    what else would a democrat say

  • Ah nutz

    that’s why you were such a crappy president – for my 74 yrs. only obummer out did you on ‘crappy’ = he’s the biggest winner on crap.

  • Donald Baker

    Carter, go away. You are an incompetent piece of crap that greatly damaged our nation with your left wing idiocy. You couldn’t lead a starving individual to a meal. You are clueless