Jets Quarterback Calls White Americans To Action

On a recent airing of “SportsNation” hosted by ESPN, New York Jets quarterback Josh McCown discussed how the National Football League’s new player-owner committee is really starting to focus on social and racial justice.

McCown explained, “So often when people talk about the intersection of race and politics and things like that, and this conversation about criminal justice reform is a person of color leading the way, and often times white people, for whatever reason, don’t feel comfortable being part of that space. Why do you feel so comfortable, and what can you do to encourage other white individuals to get involved in this conversation? Because it’s a ‘we’ thing, not just a black thing.”

He went on, “I think that is how the conversation is going to change. It can’t be just people of color making these requests or protests. It has got to be people from both sides sitting and listening and, for me, it’s a human issue. It’s looking at people who are being marginalized and their communities being underserved and going, ‘What can we do to make that better?’ Because for me at my core, I look at that and it’s empathy.”

“For white Americans … this conversation is never going to change unless we step into these things and start being a part of them. For me, that is what was important and what pressed upon my heart to want to do it,”

  • delbert balling

    A true human being that is completely right. The sad part of this is that a lot of whites are going to be beat-up or killed, because most people of color don’t understand whites not being intimadated by them because they have been given the throne to sit on for a while now.

  • SeanM62

    Its nice to hear White people might now want to come to the table and talk instead of just dictating what they want. That;s new.

    • ROB

      Whites have been at the table for years and progress has been made. Regardless how much whites give and play fair the progressives will always yell racist because that’s all they have to offer minorities. That’s the ONLY thing that keep minorities on the progressive plantation and voting for them. With a black president poverty went up 8%. What? How’s that? That’s exactly what their plan in. More people on welfare the better the progressive movement is. obammer is one of them. People ought to be overjoyed at the work Trump is doing bringing jobs to America. The progressives aren’t. They might lose some of their “guaranteed” voter base. Sad sad.

      • J. P. Lynch

        Good post. Thx. Add in voter fraud too!! Progressive is a code word for communism – democrats want socialism and one world order – not freedom and a constitutional type government . It’s why they want to register felons, and illegals to vote in sanctuary cities.

      • Oscar Pearson

        Democrats never wanted blacks to be free in the first place. Guess who fought and died for the freedom for NFL players to be stupid.

    • PETER

      NOPE , I’m done being called racist and being told I have white privilege and we owe groups of people something , when will I get something . So from now on I’m everything you think I am , so now what .

      • Donald W. Hansen

        Some nut school even has a course–probably required–on white privilege with a triangle from slavery on up. And parents pay thousands of dollars for that crap?

    • Oscar Pearson

      Not new at all but nobody wants to listen to both sides, even if there is two sides.

    • mustangsallyann

      Do you spew your nonsense with a straight face??

    • Bushmaster0369

      Asshole suck up to the Ghetto Black Community.

  • Ginny D’Antonio

    He is absolutely right. As Eldridge Cleaver said: “If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.” That is as true now as it was in the ’60s, possibly more so as our nation is even more divided now than it was then.

    • Michael Smith

      Thanks to Dems, Libs and MSM spewing lies and fake news.

  • ROB

    This whole racial issue is a crutch for failure. You want to succeed it’s out there. I’m white and I’m certainly not ashamed of it as I would not expect anyone else to be ashamed at what color they are. You athletes want to run for office and change laws, go for it. But while you are playing football keep your opinions to yourself and your friends or who else wants to listen to you.

  • Paul

    Is this where they tell white people that had nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to do with their problems need to pay. Born in the north in 1959 and I did not own slaves. Get rid of affirmative action or go to Hades. Enough of this dialogue.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    it’s not a we problem it’s a black problem , don’t commit the crimes and you won’t go to prison , can someone tell me the difference between slaves and blacks on welfare , i don’t see any,


    We” watched ” football to get away ,now they’ve ruined that too .Keep telling yourselves in the NFL that your doing the right thing maybe you will stop when another 10% stop watching or going , I’m done with you and all this anti-white and white privilege crap . If what I have is white privilege then white people are going down fast .

  • Oscar Pearson

    Unless athletes realize that the world view is a loser they will never feel “un-oppressed” as they call it. The world is dark and they are just making it darker by crying about something that has nothing to do with “whites” at all. We can’t fix “your” problem. That has been proven over and over again. Step up an be men of character, accountability for your actions and lack thereof.

  • ahrcshaw

    At some point you have to get truthful with your self, there is nothing wrong with the blacks that they can not fix if they wanted too, but lets face facts. The blacks are their own worse enemy, and they need to look at their demise from outside the race box. Give me one good reason blacks in black communities should not be profiled? It is like the US government putting a hood over their disillusionment, that Muslims coming into this country should not be profiled? Needless to say the black/white race problem is like Charles Barkly stated: “How can blacks demand respect when they do not even respect each other!” While those like Oblaimer, and all the black leader, push the race card for equality, while they all take advantage of the division they continue to advance.

    Believe me or not I was never a racist, I pulled for equality during the race riots in Detroit in the late 40’s, I helped the Kennedys push in the 60’s, but finally realized that all they really wanted was black power, and entitlements. Any one with a little common sense can see their is not much difference in these black communities in over 80 years, while tons of money has been doweled out in the name of sharing the wealth. “CHANGE” that was miss guided!

  • alpambuena

    these democrat run cities have all been full of corruption for over 60 years and yet the democrat led black voters have continued to vote for this corruption year after year…believing the false promises…while they have increased welfare, allowed the drugs and criminals into the cities, lowered the standards of education…and then become the false victims…and blame it all on the whites….yea whites have got to start fighting back and stop getting the blame for the fault of this socialized corruption…..maybe the blacks in their run down, cartel run poor communities should start blaming their own failures on the whites and start standing up to reality….examples is Chicago and Detroit…Oakland and st, louis….the crimes and these poor communities are not because of the whites…..the democrats would like you to believe that…but after 8 years of Obama’s blame game….the blacks were no better off than in 2008…in one year trump has put more blacks back to work..and has put more money and opportunities in for blacks than Obama has done in 8 years….so if there is any problem…then look into the mirror.

    • Donald W. Hansen

      Rob and Alpambuena: You both hit it on the head. Anyone who tells it as it is is accused of being a racist and the dialogue never gets past the real problems causing problems for the African – Americans as described above.

  • Kim LaMela

    This Is Liberalism BS Nothing More nothing Less, racist Nonsense, for 8 years we all seen the Democrats Play with Big Business, Flood our Country with Cheep Labor “Illegals and Un-Vetted Refugees” for their Big Business Donors, Special Interest Groups, Super Pac’s to Lower Wages and Take Jobs away from all American Working Class people, They Almost Wiped out the Middle Class, It’s the Reason the Middle Class Voted for Trump and no one can Deny that Fact, Remember Clinton was supposed to win by 93% and got Crushed by the Middle Class. Big Business and Big Liberal Media are one and the same They were pissed their Gravy Train in their Mind was ending, But it’s really only ending for the Media, Big Business Corporations under Trump and his Tax Cuts are seeing Trump was right, his Policy was right for all Americans, but Under Obama Big Business could not be Competitive with Other Country’s so they did the Only thing they could Cut Jobs cut Wages and the Democrats Helped them Accomplish that with Illegal’s and also build their Base at the Same Time., Most Corporations are now Seeing Trump in a Different Light, and it’s the Reason all on their own are Giving Higher Wages and Bonuses out all over the country to their Employees, The Democrats don’t have any Policy for America or the American People other then attack Trump with lies, race, anything that will slow him down, not only don’t they have a policy that helps the American People but they are doing their best to stop a policy that’s working for the American People, with the Liberal Media’s Help
    The American People need to fear Democrats Much more then the Russians, The Russians are not Trying to put Americans out of Work for Future Illegal Voters, but the Shutdown is Proof the Democrats only care about their Illegal base. Americans did not Matter to them, did They???????

  • mustangsallyann

    Let’s see. Should we all join in while they’re screaming death to all whites and police, or what?? Someone’s confused and it’s sure not me.

  • Bob D

    Please if we get involved we get called Racists! Our opinion doesn’t matter because we are not a person of color so why should we get involved. White is not a color anymore according to BLM. They consider us transparent and they see through us. Blame Black politicians for this ; To Quote Obama’s father communist saying from his book “just give them the crumbs from the table and they will love you”. I for one as a white person have been paying for these failed Democratic policies for Decades with no return from the Black community for the countries generosity. Remember Joe Biden statement “they all want to keep you in chains”. Well just keep voting Democrat because they have done a great job or breaking down the black family and killing your neighborhoods.

  • Anthony Guastella

    No, it is a black problem and has been for 50 years or so. Always their community, there not getting enough of this or that, or being oppressed, etc. Always they have problems. All Americans usually have a problem. And when 12% of the population accounts for at least half of all crime committed in this nation that is a Black problem. When you have race trouble makers who have made a career out of their lies and misinformation, like Sharpton and Jackson, both are as much a minister as Farrakhan the stone cold evil racist himself. Blacks in Africa would not put up with this particular segment of blacks for one minute. They know what they really are. It is outrageous we have a so-called Black network, NAACP, a Black Caucus in Congress, and use the term African-american, talk about racist, those are racist to their very core.etc. Nonsense. All are Americans and it is an abomination. It is segregationist and is unacceptable any longer. Blacks have been sold a bill of worthless goods for decades and allowed themselves to be enslaved all over again by pimp politicians and so-called leaders who are the real evil ones and problem.

  • A. Jay

    Here’s a novel idea, don’t do the crime and you won’t do the time! You and you alone make your life decisions and must answer for them as well!

  • Ovomit1

    ..yes whitey should help more- start with cargo planes loaded with criminals, welfare leeches, bottom feeders, dindos, and give them a free flight to the S*hole countries that will take their ignorant carcasses

  • David

    Kissing tail so da Bros reespekk U……sellout.Hey… move to da south side of Chicago & see da trute bout da city.

  • Kevin Padfield

    Watch someone on the other side call him a “racist” for just saying this.

  • NoBamaNoMo

    How much longer do liberals think they can offend, insult and blame white people for the failures of blacks who refuse to join the civilized world. The prevailing culture and standard in the U.S. is a white 1st world society and the sooner minorities join and integrate in to it, the better they will be off. Black culture has NO redeeming value on society whatsoever and what has been allowed to creep in to our society has had a devastating effect on society as a whole. The systematic, incremental ni99erization of America has been the plan of the communists since 1965 to destroy America and to speed up the process they want open borders and bring in more. It’s time for white people to take a stand and look out for their interests and make America WHITE again. That’s when the country was at its best.

  • Medic RN

    Cops ARE the thin blue line between the people and crime. Simple rule: point guns at cops? Die. Simple rule: DO what they say. Simple rule: When the cops show up, IT’S SERIOUS! You’re NOT in charge of your own life anymore. The environment has SERIOUSLY changed. Your immediate choices may cost you your life.
    Perhaps people of color might try parenting their children? These simple rules are commonly taught in white homes and they obviously work very well. Y’want this off-set tragedy to end? Do your job !

  • jim jones

    White people went to the well time after time to try to socialize the backs, took white rights and gave them to blacks, freed the bastards, gave them affirmative action, special treatment over and over, they cannot evolve. I think our next sacrifice for them should be a free boat ride back to the jungle!

    • SeanM62

      Wow! You sure have worked hard to socialize backs. You really did a half-axed job and want to call it 100%, then whine about the unfairness of it all. You poor little boy.

  • Tom Sharp


  • Allen

    Sounds like a boy battling CTE to me.

  • Bushmaster0369

    Boy are you brain washed! Sucking up to GHETTO TRASH to come together. Uhh, did you forget something??? How about our COUNTRY, OUR FLAG, OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM AND THE MILLIONS OF SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN that you weak minded, supposed to be leaders, let yourselves be intimidated by the ghetto blacks on your teams. How about the written letter from the ghetto blacks that they feel black people are treated different, people don’t understand why blacks do the things they do and they want all black sentence’s reduced to half. You poor dumb white jerk! If you can’t control them on the field where they don’t have any legal rights except whats in there contracts, your coming together for half sentences for the brothers shows you have been brainwashed. The white players need to stand up and state disrespecting America is wrong. First prejudice thing will be the Ghetto Trash saying “TEAM UNITY”! Unity is not obtained with intimidation, being pushy, and forcing your ideas and beliefs on others.

    • SeanM62

      “Unity is not obtained with intimidation, being pushy, and forcing your ideas and beliefs on others”

      Seems like that is exactly what YOU want to do.

  • David Strauss Jr

    Keep having those unwed mothers, and no fathers. No matter what you give whether what color you are, you are starting behind the 8 ball, and you will never get ahead.

  • Tommy D

    As others have already written, this has become a crutch for people to blame their actions on some sort of excuse. Slavery has been over for a very long time in the U.S. and my family didn’t even live in the U.S. when it was happening. Don’t try and hold me and my people hostage for your laziness and violent actions. That’s the real truth. In America a person of color can get hired easier than a white male that has better qualifications. It’s a joke. In sports you don’t have a player on your team that isn’t so good but he is a certain color, so why do so in any other business? It’s a bad excuse for hiring less capable people. Look what has happened to our education system, it hasn’t made things better, it’s only lowered the standards and allowed certain people to obtain degrees even though many of them can’t even put a sentence together. They talk about white privilege but what really is going on is a sense of entitlement from non whites. These people haven’t earned a damn thing and we are seeing many of them unleashing their secret dislike of whites as soon as they get into a position of power in which they can make certain changes. Sometimes these changes are flat out racist practices against whites. Follow the news and watch what is happening. I personally have no problem with the suggested concept of “SEPARATE BUT EQUAL”. That sounds good to a lot of people. The truth is that non whites really, deep down don’t want it because they know that over some time they will collectively fall on their faces. Sorry, it’s the truth. If the whole slavery thing is your big argument I suggest your get your asses over to Africa where slavery is alive and thriving now, today. Until there are zero classifieds seeking “help wanted”, don’t say there aren’t any jobs out there. Under President Trump in his first year he has created a ton of new jobs. There are jobs out there, people just have to be willing to work. Stop enabling laziness. God Bless us all.