Jets Quarterback Calls White Americans To Action

On a recent airing of “SportsNation” hosted by ESPN, New York Jets quarterback Josh McCown discussed how the National Football League’s new player-owner committee is really starting to focus on social and racial justice.

McCown explained, “So often when people talk about the intersection of race and politics and things like that, and this conversation about criminal justice reform is a person of color leading the way, and often times white people, for whatever reason, don’t feel comfortable being part of that space. Why do you feel so comfortable, and what can you do to encourage other white individuals to get involved in this conversation? Because it’s a ‘we’ thing, not just a black thing.”

He went on, “I think that is how the conversation is going to change. It can’t be just people of color making these requests or protests. It has got to be people from both sides sitting and listening and, for me, it’s a human issue. It’s looking at people who are being marginalized and their communities being underserved and going, ‘What can we do to make that better?’ Because for me at my core, I look at that and it’s empathy.”

“For white Americans … this conversation is never going to change unless we step into these things and start being a part of them. For me, that is what was important and what pressed upon my heart to want to do it,”