ISIS Warns Russia

In a recently published Islamic State group propaganda video, the terrorist organization announced that it is aware of alleged Russian infiltration into its ranks and warned that Russia will be its next target.

The video was obtained by Sara Carter of Circa News and reportedly shows multiple executions of Islamic State group operatives who were accused of being Russian spies.

The Islamic State group fighters in the video believed that some of the comrades among their infantry were agents with Russia’s Federal Security Service Bureau, which was formerly called the KGB. The “traitors” were forced to admit this fact before they were beheaded or shot in the head, according to the outlet.

After the men were executed, The Daily Caller reports that the Islamic State group operatives in the video stated, “we will take our revenge on Russia.”

According to one of the men in the video, who claims to be Russian, several others came with him from Russia to join the Islamic State in its fight against the Western world. Circa reported that according to the footage, it seems as if the men were forced to admit their allegiance to Russia so their statements may have been made under duress.

“It wouldn’t be surprising to have Russian intelligence attempting to penetrate ISIS in Afghanistan or recruiting agents to gather intelligence on the terrorist network,” a U.S. official with knowledge of the region stated. “But Russian intervention in the region goes far beyond Moscow’s concern for ISIS.”

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