ISIS Threatens New York Christmas

ISIS just released information of Big Ben and Time Square being the next target for attack this Christmas season.

Images have surfaced which clearly show ISIS soldiers attacking Big Ben in London and another with an ISIS soldier disguised as Santa as he looks down upon a crowded Time Square.

The picture had the caption “We meet at Christmas in New York … soon.”


  • re06tired

    Stay Vigilant one of these years they will try something.


    Stay strong Americans. These scum bags can’t do anything to us. They prey on the weak and AMERICA IS STRONG EVEN THOUGH GEORGE SOROS PAY TO HAVE THIS SCUM TO SNEAK INTO OUR COUNTRY.

  • tCotUS

    Cross out ISIS & replace with DEMOCRATS.

  • Dan

    God Bless America!

  • Eugene Crocker

    The liberal democrats of NYC deserve to be attacked. They gave so much to ISIS through the Obama Administration, just follow the money. They have been a disgusting liberal democrat headquarters along with California. Everyone knows the mayor of NYC is a disgusting liberal democrat. He even went against his own police and firemen of the city. He didn’t support them when he should have, no one wants this type of destruction any more. The way to grow a good city is to listen to the people and do what they want. Liberal democrats don’t do that because they are communist sympathizers.

    • Alan

      Mayor McTurd is actually a known socialist puke.

  • SDofAZ

    Well, are the barriers up in the walkways and parks? Are the police out in force? Are the moslimes being watched closely? As in close surveillance? And the new refugees being vetted properly or not? Better check the list NYC, and that goes for any big city in the US. The cult of death is now everywhere thanks to Bozo and the NWO and the dem wit rats! Oh and special thanks for this mess to the pretend GOP rinos. Vote all of them dem wits and rinos out. Definitely time to flush out the cesspool known as DC.

    • Topher Smith

      Sad drivel. You need help.

      • SDofAZ

        No,obviously you do, LibturdTroll!

        • Topher Smith

          Brilliant retort. I wil be in touch.

      • mac12sam12

        Troll, we don’t need anymore of this.

        • Topher Smith

          How am I a troll? What is your link supposed to tell me?

          • mac12sam12

            Your comments outnumber your votes by a big margin. That defines troll.

          • Topher Smith

            No, it does not. How so? Might does not make right. Unlike your ilk I only have one account and do not up vote my own comments.



  • A. Jay

    Time for public execution of these scumbags when caught in terrorist activity. We have farted around with these ass-holes long enough!!

  • zookeeper216

    Didn’t the mayor of NY tell all Republicans to stay out? lol, not one of the places I’ll be going.
    Happy Hollidays Democrats.

  • Dennis Anderson

    You dont say a thing just start shooting this trash. Take a lesson from MSNBC and make up our own stories. Give them a candy cane and show them where to put it before shipping them out of country. Its time to die.