ISIS Supporters Celebrate Berlin Truck ‘Attack’

TEL AVIV – Islamic State sympathizers and militants are celebrating an incident on Monday in which a lorry ploughed through a crowd of shoppers in a busy Christmas market in Berlin, reportedly killing nine people and injuring more than fifty.

The messages, obtained by Breitbart Jerusalem, were posted to a closed chat group that utilizes the encrypted Telegram messaging service. The chat group serves as an internal Twitter of sorts for IS jihadists and sympathizers, and it has been used in the past to issue IS communications.

The messages also celebrated the assassination on Tuesday of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey. That murder, which was caught on video and was perpetuated at a public event in front of witnesses, was reportedly carried out by an off-duty police officer.

The Telegram user who goes by the name of The Army of Osama wrote:

“From the lions of Allah, we send you our hello on your soil which revolted and fought the infidels. Today the infidels are going out shouting and suffering due to the assassination of the Russian pig in Turkey and today there are those who are going out screaming in Germany. They don’t know that this is only a small part of the capacities of the lone mujahedeen and also of the collective worldwide plan to kill all of those infidels who are swimming in the blood of Muslims in Aleppo, Mosul and elsewhere.”


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