ISIS Quickly Growing In Pakistan

Although ISIS has recently been eradicated in some countries, the Islamic State has recently grown in numbers in Pakistan. Most seem to be found near the border of Afghanistan, where the war has been rampant.

the Pakistan Institute for Peace reported:

Some new challenges are rearing their heads like the emergence of self-radicalized individuals and small terrorist cells, growing incidence of religious extremism including on educational campuses, persisting cross-border attacks by Pakistani militants relocated to Afghanistan, and increasing footprints of Daesh [ISIS] in parts of the country and convergence of its fighters in Afghanistan near Pakistani border.

These have made Pakistan’s countering terrorism efforts even more challenging, which are also evolving in line with the changing regional scenario especially the pressure mounted by the US administration.

  • “the emergence of self-radicalized individuals“
    That, to me, is a silly statement, the evil creatures don’t become more “radicalized” they simply are becoming MORE RELIGIOUS! When “your perfect man” and your spiritual “prophet” is a deadly cruel murderer the more religious you become the more dangerous you are to those around you. ISIS are very good very religious muzslime, there is NOTHING RADICAL about the devils.

  • Alan404

    A problem for Pakistan one might think.

  • meredit

    Given this and the fact that Pakistan probably knew but didn’t act on bin Laden’s hideout right by a military installation, why on Earth has the U.S. given them any funding? Sheesh. If they were earning the funds, sure, but they haven’t been so Trump’s correct to cut them off. What’s the downside? Lose them as an ally? Hah! When they stop pandering and grow a pair like Syria and drive ISIS out, the cash cow will saunter back in. But not a minute earlier.