Is Trump Another Lyndon B. Johnson?

Fox News Channel’s “The Story” anchor Martha MacCallum who recently spoke to Politico stated that President Trump was a lot like the 36th U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, whose “crass” actions was well documented.

MacCallum stated, “This president is obviously a very unique individual. He is a character. And I think there have been a lot of presidents who have had a lot of similar qualities to him, really. I think we see his crassness through the tweets in a way that we never saw it in someone like Lyndon Johnson, for example, who also had a reputation for being extremely crass. So I think that all of that is much more visible in the environment that we cover. But I don’t think he is unique in the terms of some of the things that he says and does. I think in the past a lot of that was just said and done in the Oval Office or among colleagues and it didn’t alway see the light of day in the way it does now, for better or worse.”

  • Michael Horton

    There you go Fox news channel getting more like CNN everyday. LBJ was an undeniable racist. Look it up. Nobody has ever heard a racist comment from President Trumps mouth.Nice try with the comparisons.

    • GomeznSA

      Yep – see his (lbj) comment about votes for ample proof.
      ‘Curiously’, DJT was never accused of being a racist, a sexist or anything else until he 1) ‘deserted’ the democRAT plantation, 2) ran for President (as an ‘evil’ Republican no less), 3) actually won the election over the ‘chosen one’, 4) refused to be ‘run’ by the party elites (BOTH).

  • Ah nutz

    she’s too young to know much about Johnson = Trump is no politician = Trump is unique – very smart , gets the best of msm almost every day – way out does the ‘talking head’ ‘know it alls’ = makes ’em look silly more often than not…AND IS DOING GREAT STUFF FOR US – even against all the negativity.

    • Judy Roberts

      You got it exactly! My husbsnd worked around the extremely disgusting./ hot headed/ foul mouthed/mean LBJ..i have a very calm husband (of 53 years) and who pretty much likes everyone..EXCEPT Johnson. To this day, there’s never been another human, he disliked more….And Trump isn’t even close..McCallum!!

  • Harold Sammons

    Has Trump taken up slamming a glass of whiskey,smoking cigarrettes , cussing out everybody till he gets what he wants?

  • Camille Gilliam

    You people are crazy! I don’t think I even want to hear from you anymore, plus your site isn’t secure.

    • Judy Roberts

      what in the world does that mean? We are all Red in this conversation and you sound that way on your past comments???

      • Camille Gilliam

        I was just commenting on Gomezn and Harold Sammons responses. About this site not being secure, every time I get into the article it says it’s not secure..President Trump has put up with more crap than any President we have ever had in my life time. The Demonrats, mainstream media, and the Rino’s.,

        • Judy Roberts

          I never heard of that? Where does it say not secure?..Wouldn’t hurt anything Gomez or Sammons said anyway..They only were making rhetorical statements that are 100% true! You sound like all of us stamding up for DJ!
          Let’s go vote tomorrow!!DJT needs backup!😊

          • Camille Gilliam

            It says it’s not secure after I open the site. I have stood up for him ever since Dr. Carson said he would listen and he does because he has used something i said at a rally.
            I already voted when I dropped off my husbands absentee ballet. Go GOP – RINOs