ICE Sends Brutal Reminder to Illegal Aliens

President Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election in part by promising to crack down on illegal immigration across the country. So far, Trump has followed through on that promise and it has irritated liberals to no end.

In fact, California has been so upset over Trump’s actions that it recently passed legislation making it the first-ever “Sanctuary State” in the nation — something that hasn’t sat too well with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In a statement released on the ICE website, ICE Acting Director Tom Homan expressed his disappointment with California’s new law giving sanctuary to criminal illegals, and vowed that ICE would continue to do its job despite the law.

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  • rick meek

    CHIT – Time to send a reminder to those that shield these people ——- You will be PROSECUTED….



  • parthenon1

    Send in Bounty hunters ( after putting a bounty on every illegal found to be
    deportable and deported)

  • missourisam

    If California wants to be a sanctuary state, more power to them. But they should be cut off from any federal aid, any electricity from out of state, and there should be a tariff on any California product sold into the UNITED states, and since the Colorado river starts in the united states California doesn’t get any water from it. Then let’s see just how they get along.

    • Fred

      Stop this withholding funding Bull Crap send in the Federal Marshals an arrest Jerry Brown, love to see him perp walked out of the Capital Building in handcuffs, with any other State Officials for Obstruction of Justice.

      • ARJAY

        That’s what I’ve been saying. Arrest these traitors and try them for TREASON then EXECUTE the punishment for treason!!

  • Paul Omlor

    I feel bad for my family members and all the good people who live in California. I do believe all illegal criminals should have a bounty on their head and punishable with a bullet. Deporting them doesn’t seem to work.

    • Terry Rushing

      I am in full agreement with the deportation of EVERY illegal regardless of how long here, employment status and even DACA. If there is concern over splitting families then all illegal family members can accompany the illegal invaders and legal family members are free to take a one way ride with them. They all need to go but killing should not be part of the package. Fingerprint, retina map, photo and ship them out.

      • Paul Omlor

        I did say illegal criminals, they cannot be changed.

      • ARJAY

        And a big red circle with a diagonal line tattooed across their forehead. Then if they try to return to the U. S., THAT is the target for the bullet if they return!

  • Snufy

    The real citizens of California, like the ones not in large cities, are as upset as the rest of us are with Brown. Northern CA wanted to break away from Southern CA, but the media that is bought and paid for by liberals like Soros are not printing anything about it. It’s always the big cities that cause trouble.