How This Atheist Talk Show Host Took Blaspheme to a New Level Over Ben Carson’s Religion

The liberal media has never had any respect for the sanctity of the Christian religion. Despite the fact that our country was founded on Christian principles by God-fearing founders, they have continuously trampled on Christians for as long as they’ve had access to the airwaves. Atheist talk show host Bill Mahr is no different. In fact, he’s probably the worst of them all, as the following video shows.

Ben Carson has been exceedingly forthright with his beliefs. And whether you agree with all of them or not, there are certain lines that should never be crossed. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Mahr did in one of his latest shows.

Watch has he thoughtlessly desecrates Christianity while simultaneously insulting Carson on his deeply personal beliefs. You might want to sit down before clicking play.

WARNING: This video contains strong language and vulgar content.

Is there any excuse for this type of behavior? Obviously, Mahr’s sacrilegious and blasphemous comments are protected by the first amendment, but do you think that it’s fair to allow him to hide behind freedom of speech in order to say such horrible things?

Tell us what you think should be done to stop this kind of rhetoric in the comments.