How Liberals Help Trump

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC reacted to the standing ovation given to Robert De Niro for his “F*uck Trump” comments.

Scarborough insisted that those people who applauded De Niro not do it again, saying that they “don’t understand that they are helping Donald Trump’s reelection.”

“If people that applauded De Niro’s statement last night don’t understand that they are helping Donald Trump’s reelection every time they do something like that, they don’t understand,” Scarborough stated.

  • Norman Fox

    Typical of the leftist liberal snowflakes in their own stupidity. They do not have he sense to get out of the rain without instructions.. BUT thank you for helping a real man and President of the United States in a future re election.

  • Janis

    And the left says that WE are dumb and cult-like creatures? These elitist morons are not as smart as their mommies told them they are.

  • ernst

    Joe Scarborough of MSNBC must not realize that his absurd, outrageous and incorrect statements about President Trump are doing exactly that for which he is critizing De Niro. Joe Scarborough of MSNBC is damaging the credibility of all media and showing all viewers that journalists cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Joe lies, obviously and nastily.