How Did Trump Make These Liberal CEOs So Red-Faced Without Even Trying?

For the most part, CEOs are conservative. And it makes sense that they would be. After all, conservative values are baked right into the foundation of successful business principles. You don’t make money by giving things away, and that’s a simple truth that both conservatives and successful business owners understand.

However, every once in a while you’ll find the odd left-wing CEO. They tend to be incredibly preachy about their humanitarian goals, and they’re constantly making excuses to grow their businesses and make money. Such is the case of Honest Tea, a beverage company that started out small in the health food niche and eventually grew large enough to be acquired by Coca Cola. But in spite of their initiation into corporate America, the founders of Honest Tea continue to shun the conservative politicians responsible for the economic freedom that’s allowed their company to thrive.

Case in point, Honest Tea was more embarrassed than a 12th grade mathlete in PE when the vice president of the Human Society fired off a tweet pointing out a Donald Trump quote under the cap of his Honest Tea.

Honest Tea responded swiftly with the following tweet.

Then, in a blog post reeking of at least a dozen rounds of PR department revisions, Honest Tea co-founder Seth Goldman nonchalantly addressed the move to drop Trump’s words from their caps.

Mr. Trump’s quote, which was not political in nature, was removed because it had run its course, along with other great quotes like “Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites” – William Ruckelshaus.

There is nothing objectionable to the thinking in Mr. Trump’s quote “If you’re going to think anyway, you might as well think big.” Indeed, it’s certainly the mindset that we’ve brought to our business and our impact.

Real smooth, Honest Tea.

What do you think? Are they really just “freshening up” their quotes, or are they purposefully dropping Trump and playing dumb?

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