“Hillary Clinton Killed My Friends”: A Chilling Message By SEAL

1An organization, called ‘Project War Path’ is selling T-shirts, tank tops and stickers saying “Hillary Clinton Killed My Friends”. The organization was started initially by Tej Gill, a former Navy SEAL, in May this year. The aim of this organization is to highlight the personal stories of SEALs who have been deployed to Middle East and Africa at some point during their service.

The two stories that motivated Gill himself to form the organization were of Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, who were both SEALs deployed in Libya. Both men died during the 2012 terror attack on Benghazi consulate in Libya. While interviewing for Breitbart, Gill spoke about Woods and Doherty:

“I got sidetracked making the ‘Hillary Clinton Killed My Friends’ shirts, because both SEALs killed in Benghazi were good friends of mine and I thought the whole thing was preventable. Not to mention the fact Hillary/Obama didn’t send help and prevented help from getting there.”

And so he formed Project War Path, to inform general public about the evil-doings of the then-Secretary of State and current Democrat Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

“I’m all in for the fight against Hillary,” Gill further said. “She killed my friends, lied to their parents and families, then covered it up. So I’m on the war path and she’s the enemy.”

He then posed a question that he would have asked Hillary Clinton had he been present at the Commander in Chief Forum held recently:

“One question would be, why did you deny over 160 requests for security upgrades for the TMF (Temporary Mission Facility) Benghazi, from Ambassador Stevens and State Department’s RSO’s (Regional Security Officers) in Libya?” he asked. Gill explained that if those requests for security upgrade had been honored, the attack could have been barred.

Gill also had some strong last words, while describing why Clinton should not become the president of United States at any cost. He said she would “sell us out” and “weaken the USA and bring us to our knees just like she did to the Benghazi TMF.”

These are some thought-provoking words by Gill. Sounds like Gill is not one to vote Hillary for president at all, and rightly so!

What do you think about the injustices incurred to the former SEALs by declining their requests to upgrade their security which ultimately lead to their death? Let us know below.