3As reported by Mc Clatchy DC, , an ABC News weekend anchor reported that Hillary Clinton had died on September 11th, 2016.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

Of course, the anchor, Joe Torres, reported her death by accident. He was reporting the collapse of the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton on September 11th this year during the memorial service for the victims of World Trade Centre collapse.

“I’m Joe Torres,” the anchor said, “We begin with the breaking news about Hillary Clinton’s death.”

What he meant to say was the word “health”, but what inadvertently slipped out was “death”. It sure would have consumed the listeners with horror. And that is a mistake the anchor will remember for the rest of his life.

Hilariously, the anchor never corrected his mistake and went on to report illness of Clinton due to pneumonia, followed by her collapse exacerbated by dehydration and overheating.

An official statement was later issued by ABC7 on Joe Torres’ mistake.

The station announced:

“During a live introduction to a story about the health of Hillary Clinton, Joe Torres inadvertently said ‘death’ when he meant to say ‘health,’”

“It was clear from the context of the story, the reporters’ information and graphics on the screen that Secretary Clinton was alive and recovering.”

It’s a good news for everyone, even the Republican supporters. They are good-hearted people who want her to be live a healthy life, but just not as the president of United States.

What do you think of the huge mistake made by the anchor? Do you see the funny side or does it not sit very well with you? Let us know below!