Here’s the MOST ABSURD Sentence Of Obama’s Statement On Paris Terror Attack!

Hours after the horrifying attack by terrorists in Paris, France, Obama was forced to wake up an make a comment about the attacks, and he said one of the more ridiculous things he’s ever said, even for Obama.

Watch below:

He literally says that he doesn’t want “to speculate” as to the motivations of the people who slaughtered over 120 Parisians.

Just incredible.

Of course by this point there were already reports that they had been yelling “Allahu Ackar” while shooting at their victims, but for Obama of course, that’s just a normal occurrence I guess.

Now remember, whenever it might help him push his political narrative he didn’t mind commenting at all about events in the news. But when it’s Islamist aggression, all of a sudden he finds that he has to wait until an investigation is completed.

Isn’t that convenient?