Gun Control Could Lead To Civil War

During an episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson questioned Mark Glaze, a proponent of gun control, if he was prepared for a civil war should there be any attempt to confiscate guns from the American people.

Carlson also stated to Glaze the following ridiculous suggestion, “You’re saying ban a class of firearms, any rifle with a capacity of more than one above a certain caliber. I don’t know exactly what the criteria are that you’re suggesting, but basically any rifle that you’d use for deer hunting would be banned?’

Glaze then foolishly replied: “between long guns, that are technically semiautomatic, and semiautomatic ‘assault weapons.’”

“To gun owners, these are meaningless distinctions.” Carlson shot back

Glaze responded with, “I think you, at a bare minimum, fine them severely for it and build an incentive for them to [cooperate].”

Finally Carlson shut up Glaze with one hilarious question, “Are you ready for the civil war that would ensue if you try to take people’s guns?”

  • Timothy Toroian

    We don’t need to start an actual civil war, just shoot the frigging Dimmocrats!!! (I stole Dimmocrats from another on line respondent. Too good not use.)

    • Timothy, LOL your delightful simple clear headed thinking here broke me up.
      I call the fools lib/dim/socio/commies, or just IDIOTS!

      • Sarge McVey

        How about, Regressive/Liberal/Bottom Feeding/Scum Sucking/Anti-Constitutional/Commie Loving/American Hating Trailer trash.

        • Can’t get a lot clearer than that Sarge. I’d say those fit exactly the description of the ones Timothy here would be suggesting .

        • Richard Gieser

          No reason to offend the trailer grouping them in with the loser libs except for those that ARE loser libs.

    • Meathead

      I refer to them as “Dumbocraps” which more aptly fits their idiocy.

  • If the Hitlery had become pres. we would already be in civil war.

    • Ross Campbell

      How true,still need to send criminals to Cal. Where there safe.

      • Richard Gieser

        Sorry for those loser libs, Ross, but as long as my ammo holds out they are NOT safe here in California if it ever comes to that.

  • David

    We’re ready for that…bring it on…………We will squash the globalist, demo/commies into the grave…….

  • gary

    Just goes to show you what these nuts cases call reasonable gun control is really a cover for confiscation based on some ridiculous idea of caliber or how the gun looks. these people are fools!!! if they try to take our guns, I think a civil war would be a good idea, if for no other reason we could then shoot these nut cases and it wouldn’t be murder it would be a act of war. to save the country and our rights from the communist socialist globalist nut cases of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Terry Butts

      Most of them have shown ignorance of even the most basic knowledge about guns for example the one that argued that existing high capacity magazines would “run empty and be tossed out” as part of their argument that it would somehow take them away from criminals if they banned them.

      Not to mention their demand the FICTIONAL technology from Hollywood that somehow stamps a number in every shell fired to prove what gun shot it be implemented. As if criminals could not collect casing from other guns to leave false evidence behind while keeping the ones from their gun IF they even had one that made the stamp. Recent arrests even in Canada and other nations that prohibit any civilian gun ownership show how easy it is for criminals to make even full auto guns themselves with little more than hand tools like have been used for centuries to do metalwork.

      The SCARIEST thing to anyone who bothered to look at the wording of that UN nonsense most of this is about imposing on the US citizens openly states the end goal is to ensure that people can provide NO ARMED RESISTANCE.

      The first thing that should pop into peoples minds is RESISTANCE to what. What exactly are they planing that they need to ensure that NO ONE is capable of putting up ARMED RESISTANCE when they start whatever it is.

      As that is the entire purpose of the second amendment to ensure that US CITIZENS CAN put up an ARMED resistance to any TYRANNY regardless of who tries to abolish our rights and impose tyranny upon the people.

  • eileen

    bring it on…locked and loaded

  • Dan Menard

    We as a nation are supposedly governed by fair and just laws. The attempt by any governmental agency of a whole sale confiscation of any guns, of any caliber is in violation of our Second Amendment rights.

    Our founding fathers had seen for themselves what happens when a countries populace are disarmed and then left open to and subjected to tyrannical government rule. They thought it important enough that it was made second of the original amendments, right after freedom of speech, and religion, public peaceful assembly, etc.

    The liberals are themselves walking on a slippery slope because without our civil protection under our nations constitution they too could loose for themselves their civil liberties. The thirst of tyrannical rule is unquenchable, indifferent to public needs and will ultimately devour all and any opposition.

    All that truly stands between public freedom and the a fore mention tyrannical government is the fact that we have a civil society willing and capable of defending itself in the name of justice afforded them by the Second Amendment. Could there be a civil insurrection,? I pray not!

  • Patriot47

    Molon labe. But bring your own bodybag.

    • Meathead

      Not needed. Got 251 acres to dig a big hole on and a backhoe to dig it with. How many bodies can be buried on 251 acres? Come on up my 140 yard drive, past the IED’s, walk through the withering firepower and you can have any firearm that isn’t too hot to pick up with your bare hands.

      • Richard Gieser

        “How many bodies can be buried on 251 acres”
        Depends on how deep you stack them.

  • Asglarek

    Gun control and confiscation is already happening all prohibitive gun laws are unconstitutional period anyone who argues this point is part of the problem.

  • dokkulfr

    Any sane person would realize that a government does not have one’s best interests at heart if they want to confiscate firearms or ban ownership altogether. History illustrates this point again and again. But I suppose these people would want to rewrite that, too.

  • allen blaine

    Prime example of the need for the 2nd amendment is the Wounded Knee slaughter by our own government in 1890. The Lakota were on reservation and still had their guns. The government sent in the military to confiscate their guns. Most turned them over and not long after that the shooting started on the unarmed Indians. The media knows this yet they won’t report on it. The media is also lying about Vegas being the largest mass shooting in US history. Wounded Knee was the largest mass shooting with over 200 innocent people murdered by our own government. This is what happens when the government disarms it’s citizens.

    • Sarge McVey


    • Terry Butts

      The media NEVER considers what the government does a crime.

      For example the BLM wanting to end public use of public land the BLM does not own so they could transfer it to private hands for their own profit systematically priced the public out of being able to afford PERMITS to use their own public lands then fined arrested or confiscated property from them or combinations of all three to anyone who dared to continue to make use of public lands as if the BLM owned the lands they were only tasked to manage.

      Basically it would be like the apartment manager hired to run the place evicting all the tenants including the owner and selling the complex he did not own to another person.

      Yet the media made a big deal over the hold out that refused to give in being the CRIMINAL and OWING the BLM millions in fines and fees when they sent unidentified armed people in who killed his cattle, destroyed structures, etc. and even threatened unarmed Innocent bystanders for nothing more than WITNESSING their illegal actions that went beyond what the court order allowed. By law all LEGAL law enforcement or other government agencies are required to wear identification during any legal enforcement those attacking the place wore none. only the police dispatched later for crowd control due to the number of people showing up to watch wore identification.

      Just 30ish some years ago one could go to one of the groves planted by their native American ancestors on these now “public” lands and harvest pears etc. from the old orchards they left behind now they consider that somehow STEALING from the GOVERNMENT because they did not have to buy the GENETICALLY modified ones available in stores (most people would not even recognize an unaltered pair today). As if the GOVERNMENT instead of the people suddenly own the PUBLIC lands.

      They have even gone so far as to secretly remove water areas from peoples taxes on their private land and claim ownership of those lakes and ponds most do not even realize the government has secretly taken ownership of their ponds and lakes until they start getting FINED for using them.

  • d66cmorris

    What’s Glaze’s address. We need to print it on the internet so that every thief will know where to go if they want to rob some one who should be an easy mark. If you don’t believe honest people should have firearms you shouldn’t have any yourself.

    • Richard Gieser

      It would certainly lower overhead cost for the thief knowing a gun isn’t needed to rob the loser lib.
      Did I mention that I am donating “THIS IS A GUN FREE ZONE” signs to loser libs to proudly display in their front yard?

      • d66cmorris

        4 thumbs up on your sign donations. Good man.

  • Richard Gieser

    I’m nearly ready to give up my guns, as soon as all my lead is depleted.


    Molon Labe, liberals! If they’d ever be that stupid, they’d find out what being severely outgunned means. I often hear the rhetoric that we all talk tough but wouldn’t stand a chance against a heavily armed, armored and trained military, and that’s who’d come a knockin’ for our firearms. Only trouble with that is the true patriots who are members of Oath Keepers would foment a coup and take out our govt. See the movie “Bushwick” for an idea of how it might go down.