Gowdy Doesn’t Support Firing Of Rosenstein

House Oversight Chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) suggested the firing of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would not be “wise” for President Trump.

Gowdy stated, “I don’t see a basis for firing him in the handling of this probe.”

“The president is the head of the executive branch. He doesn’t have to run his hiring and firing decisions by us. If he is upset with Rod Rosenstein because he is not producing documents to Congress, that’s legitimate. If he is upset with Rosenstein because he wants to get at Bob Mueller and the way he will do it taking the advice of Steve Bannon, which I would strongly recommend against, No, I don’t think that’s appropriate. Does he have the power to get rid of Rod Rosenstein? Yes, he does. Do I think it’s wise, I don’t.”

  • Nieb Power

    The best way to get rid of Mueller is to start with Rosenstein.

  • Rudy Bartholomew

    Time for Rosensteine and Sessions to go..

    • doc suske

      1 at a time

  • yellowjacket2

    If the goal is to drain the swamp you have to pull the plug, As it stands right now, the Democrat swamp dwellers think they’re bullet proof….and if you look at what they’ve gotten away with, they appear to be right. Pull the plug on Rosenstein and let it be known that that’s just the beginning. And while he’s at it, Trump needs to pull the plug on Sessions too. He’s clearly shown that he was a bad choice for AG.

    • doc suske


    • Jim

      I’m with you all the way. Sessions is just as guilty of obstruction of Justice as ‘Hillarious’ Clinton is. It’s so obvious that he’s been in her pocket and protecting her, ever since he was appointed AG. He must be afraid of becoming room temperature if he finds her guilty of anything. (One man’s opinion)

      • John D

        Sessions should be fired

  • mellissner

    Why do lawyers usually 90%+ end up thinking like lawyers and not people? Sometimes they, Gowdy, should come down a notch and “feel” what some of us feel. Start with plain and simple. I didn’t like Obama and I prefer Trump.

  • Michael Lloyd

    With all his bawking and squawking, has Gowdy ever gotten any results other than self promotion?

    • AZtejas

      The Congressional committees do not have the power to prosecute, they only make recommendations and supply facts. At least I hope they are producing facts, in some cases they only produce limited evidence to point to a problem and in this atmosphere allegations seem to be considered FACTS. That folks is absolutely wrong!! The facts are being developed by AG Sessions and he is running a tight ship, no leaks and no nonsense. Hang around for a couple of IG reports on the horizon. The US Attorney out of Utah, however can prosecute and can panel a Grand Jury. I would expect one of them to come out right in heart of the election process. Most of it will come out in a month or two, we are seeing samples.

  • Martin Moon

    I believe, Comey. Rosenstein, all the way up and including Obama are all part of colluding with Hillary Clinton, and big money with buying the presidency of this United States. I will believe that going to my grave, period. Such a large delegation of people are so surprise Trump won the election, that now because that is just not acceptable and commitments were made to the powers to be. That democrats, liberals, big money elites, want what they want and absolutely nothing is going to step in their way. So now, they have declared open warfare on Donald Trump, which started the night of SOTUA, which was very obvious. They also consider any and all who support President Trump a mere speed bump. They don’t respect or recognize traditional America anymore, and are totally intent on destroying everything about it, at any cost. I am saying that I reject them, and i took the oath to defend this country against all that would attempt to hurt it. No matter what! I am feed up with all this anarchy already. So to you that are attempting to test my will, I say, DON ‘T!

  • David

    What yellowjacket said………..

  • Eddie

    Rod Rosenstein is a CROOK and should be fired.

  • Daniel Rhoads

    Wait until the FBI Inspector General Report comes out in the next two weeks, for his lawbreaking and crimes will be revealed and then the FBI will have no choice but to fire him as a corrupt FBI Agent!!! All of them mixed up in these scandals will go then even AG Sessions if he refuses to fire them for their corruption crimes and lawbreaking!!, The “Day of Reckoning is close at hand”!!!…..

  • AZtejas

    The President should let AS Sessions pull the plug on Rosenstein. General Sessions is not tied to any of the Mueller witch hunt, he recused himself and has stayed out of that mess. He properly dumped McCabe and will if deemed necessary dump Rosenstein. He needs to give Rosenstein enough rope to allow him to be charged with something. So far the only thing that stands out is the approval of the raid on Mr. Cohen’s offices and home. Several folks are clearly anti-Trump establishment Republicans, who are no better than the Resist movement. Some key Republicans that appear to be or are, in that crowd are Rosenstein, Comey, Mueller, Ryan, McCain, Flake and of course the one and only McConnell.

  • ahrcshaw

    I can not find in my minds eye what rezoning Congressman, Lawyers, or anyone political can even remotely say with truth or fact that this open witch hunt is nothing more then a open licenses to misuse the laws of the land. The Russian Collusion was and never has been the reason for a special investigator, it was just pure “do anything you can do to find something on Trump. While all the so called legal experts in Congress sit with their fingers up their ass saying Trump should let Meuller continue his witch hunt. For me I would have fired him just because they do not want him fired. This is pure Political mis use of justice and BS on top of that.


    Is Rosenstein obstructing corrupt Hillary’s case ? I would say Yes. ?Why ? Ex first Lady ? but money laundry Uranium One Russian money and Soros connection and others Benghazi need correct examen That is, for me, why he should be fired Mr Gowdy

  • John D

    I like Gowdy, but recently I’ve been disappointed with him. His support of the corrupt Mueller really bothers me.

  • A_Nobody

    Well, while I like Gowdy, he makes mistakes too. Rosenstein needs fired for slipping the little nuance in about chasing other rainbows, if found, instead of Mueller sticking to the Russia collusion only, and Sessions needs fired too for not catching it from his underling.