GOP Senator Warns Trump About Putin and Kim Jong-un

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) recently appeared on NBC where he stated President Trump “should clearly understand,” there is no way he can charm Russian President Vladimir Putin, or North Korea leader Kim Jung-un.

Blunt stated, “I thought it was a mistake to give up the military exercises. I said the one thing I wouldn’t give up would be our presence in South Korea. I’d hate to give up our ability to act inter-operably with our South Korean allies. Secretary Mattis, Secretary Pompeo would have to reconsider that, I’d think, at a future time. Particularly if these negotiations appear to be going on for a long time.”

“I think it is fine to talk to the Russians, but the president should clearly understand that neither the Russians nor dictators like Kim Jong-un are going to be charmed by anybody. They are very cold-blooded, calculating. Putin would be in that category.”

  • cccarr

    i have to laugh at these novices who think they are revealing anything to donald trump about negotiating……so you really think he is unaware of the characteristics of putin and kim? are you serious??

    • Richard Row

      True. But he got his name out in public and his face on TV. He must be up for re-election.

    • meddah4

      I agree. He’s caused a trembling in every politician’s heart. Even his minions and flunkies are wringing their hands. The guy’s just a rompin’, stompin’ ruthless and cunning businessman. Smart, ingenious and resourceful. He’s not a stupid politician. He’s a manster. He’s made Pelosi, Warren and Waters lose their minds.He’s made jobs for millions now. He’s even made his enemy, the AntiFa to get an employment check from Soros. America is prospering.

  • Bishop351

    Can’t fix stupid even in Missouri

    • marinemike

      Sure we can we can get rid of McCaskill in November.

      • meddah4

        The funniest thing I ever heard about McCaskill was her remark in a close circle of Democrat friends. She blurted out about Zipperless Bill, “I wouldn’t let him near my daughter” The Clintons heard about that and kept her on a black list of friends. Haw, haw, haw!

  • meddah4

    Man, without warning, I think cargo planes of every free nation that could afford to do so, make air drops to everywhere in North Korea. Food, water, medical supplies, clothing, radios, TVs, tickets to baseball, soccer games, etc., etc.. Just to let them know we care about them humanly as possible (from which they have no excuse about our humanity).

  • John D

    Typical idiot rino. He is giving Trump advice about negotiating? What a joke.


    the gaul of these permanently on the government tit, people that couldn’t negotiate a free cup of water trying to tell trump how to deal with putin or kim is over the top. the last business man that was president was truman . so don’t get your shorts in a twist,go lay down and lick your nether parts,shut-up and let a pro do the talking….

  • john jones

    another politician that has all the answers except the right ones.