GOP Senator Warns Trump About Putin and Kim Jong-un

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) recently appeared on NBC where he stated President Trump “should clearly understand,” there is no way he can charm Russian President Vladimir Putin, or North Korea leader Kim Jung-un.

Blunt stated, “I thought it was a mistake to give up the military exercises. I said the one thing I wouldn’t give up would be our presence in South Korea. I’d hate to give up our ability to act inter-operably with our South Korean allies. Secretary Mattis, Secretary Pompeo would have to reconsider that, I’d think, at a future time. Particularly if these negotiations appear to be going on for a long time.”

“I think it is fine to talk to the Russians, but the president should clearly understand that neither the Russians nor dictators like Kim Jong-un are going to be charmed by anybody. They are very cold-blooded, calculating. Putin would be in that category.”