Flashback!! Watch This Liberal HERO Say That We’d Run Out Of OIL By 2011!!

It is truly amazing how liberals worship and love Jimmy Carter despite all of the stuff he screwed up and all the stuff he got wrong.

Here’s a great example.

In this speech from before I was born, the liberal hero warns that we need to dismantle our economy because science says that we’ll run out of oil very soon – by 2011!!

Watch below:


Now you would think that these kind of environmental predictions that were unbelievably false might keep liberals from making more earth-shattering environmental predictions now, but you’d be wrong!!

It’s almost like being wrong and stupid encourages them into making MORE stupid predictions!!

Well if you know a goodball liberal who thinks they know absolutely what science says and that we have to follow their crazy predictions, show them this video and have a hearty laugh!!