Falwell Jr. Makes Controversial Trump Comparison – Here’s the Painful Backlash

As the Trump campaign gets more and more momentum, it’s garnering commentary from almost everybody. Regardless of religion, race, or party affiliation, practically everybody has an opinion on Trump.

Even Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. is weighing in.

What he decided to say isn’t necessarily jiving well with evangelicals though.

He took one of the most well respected figures in the Bible, and then proceeded to claim that Trump is just like him! We’ll give you a second to guess who we’re talking about…

King David.

Obviously, not everyone agrees with that evaluation, especially not Russell Moore, who happens to be president of the Southern Baptist’s Convention of Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

Here’s what he had to say in response:

He didn’t stop there though.

It’s unfortunate that Trump is having such a divisive effect on the Christian voter base.

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H/T The Blaze