“Everybody Loves Raymond” Star Becomes Major Liberal Target After Saying THIS About Planned Parenthood

The entertainment industry is chock full of liberal airheads. That’s why it’s so surprising when you see a celebrity step out and defend their conservative values. It’s also the reason why so few of them are willing to reveal their true beliefs – their flaming liberal counterparts are guaranteed to want their head on a stick!

Well, that’s exactly what Patricia Heaton, star of the beloved sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond,” is going through right now.

Heaton was particularly vocal about her pro-life views after the Planned Parenthood scandal that unfolded earlier this year. And now the liberals in Hollywood won’t rest till her career is totally sunk.

Conservative Tribune has the news:

According to CNS News, Heaton, currently starring in ABC’s sitcom “The Middle,” was recently announced as a speaker at OneLife LA, a prominent pro-life rally taking place in Los Angeles early next year.

The rally, which will take aim at Planned Parenthood, was scheduled to take place on Jan. 23, 2016. It will be held one day after the National Right to Life Rally on Jan. 22.

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Heaton has been well-known for her pro-life views, often posting about them on Twitter.

During the release of the Planned Parenthood videos by the Center for Medical Progress over the summer, Heaton used the tag #PPSellsBabyParts and had gone off on some of the videos individually.

“Abortionist Deborah ‘Hannibal’ Nucatola swills her chianti while talking about selling baby parts,” Heaton tweeted, referencing a video where an abortionist was recorded arranging the sale of baby parts over a meal.

“‘We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver…’ Abortionist Nucatola very good at salvaging aborted baby parts,” she also tweeted, referencing Nucatola’s rather heartless way of talking about it.

Of course, abortion on demand is pretty sacrosanct in Hollywood, making Patricia Heaton’s stand for life even more brave. Conservative Hollywood types can often find themselves marginalized in a town where supporting liberalism is often considered mandatory for career success.

This is why Heaton needs our support. In a town where standing up for the dignity and sanctity of life is considered heresy, it’s important that we show Hollywood that we refuse to support them if they continually weed out those who hold unpopular opinions.

Bravo, Ms. Heaton. Let’s hope more Hollywood stars follow your lead.

Maybe this will give other conservative actors the courage they need to speak out. Although the entertainment industry will undoubtedly remain primarily liberal, there are bound to be other conservative stars who are “hiding in the closet,” so to speak.

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