Don Lemon Feels He Must Call Trump Racist

CNN’s Don Lemon believes it’s his “obligation as a journalist” to constantly call President Trump a “racist.”

Lemon said, “If he is not racist he’s certainly is racist-adjacent.”

He added, “If you have the evidence that shows you, that indicates, that leads you to nothing else but this president being racist, then I feel it’s my obligation as a journalist to say it. On that night I said it, and I don’t regret saying it. I believe that to be true.”

 “Show me some evidence otherwise, besides I have black friends, I don’t really have any evidence of that either. I don’t. I mean when you say you have black friends, let’s just be honest here, when you say you have black friends, that doesn’t mean it’s people who come over to your office because they want something. It doesn’t mean it’s the people you work with because you have to be around them. If you have black friends it means these people have been in your life forever. You’ve been to their weddings. You, you know, hang out with them. You go for a run with them. You go to lunch with them. You vacation with them. You do things with them. You have dinner with them, you have lunch with them, you have breakfast with them. You hang out, you know their families. You spend Christmas, you spend holidays. That is what having a black friend means. I see no evidence of that either.”
  • Richard

    What bull hockey, I’m no racist and I DON’T have black friends.

  • Anonymous American

    Lemon is the racist

  • gary

    LEMOM’S IS THE RACIST!!! AND A F–ING IDIOT!!! LIKE THE REST OF THE LEFTIST RACIST THAT CALL themselves conservative or what ever these usurpers are calling themselves on any given day. it’s all the same. they are; the racist, the bigots, the haters!!! if you don’t think their way, your no good!! communist scum, is what they really are!!!!!!!!! that have a straight jacket on their brain and any thinking out side the politically correct envelope scares them to death!! well, any time your wearing a straight jacket anywhere your crazy!! that’s the socialist, crazy!!!!!

  • jjmcl431

    Lemon is a racist and a gay punk.

    • Peter Smith

      Oh come on “jjmcl431”. It hasn’t been proven, YET, that Lemon is a punk. Everything else seems spot on.

      • kbmiller

        A peter puffer !!!!

    • kbmiller

      A Pecker Puffer.


    Lemon and Maxine are the perfect duo, their arrogance and stupidity shows how low are. I am sure if Lemon get fired from CNN, he won’t be able to get work anywhere else. when Maxine is voted out of congress, she will have to sell her houses, no more kick back money

  • jmcgraphics

    So how many “white friends” does Don Lemon “hang out” with when he doesn’t have to because of work or other business?

  • William Gordon

    The person who calls others racists–is more racists then the person they call racists–time they look at themselves first—like the Lord who made this earth has always wrote in the Bible–who says it in a lot of cases are thinking about it in their own mines

  • Steve Flowers

    DON LEMONADE SPREADS HIS POISON, HE SHOULD DRINK HIS OWN LEMONADE! He constantly spews out hatred converts it into racism of which we the people are fed up with is B/S. The ‘R’ word is worn out, LEMONADE needs to change his ice cubes, His LEMONADE HAS GONE BEYOND BEING SOUR!

  • Dan Menard

    Anybody remember the old expression, “Sticks and stones…” Lemon is like a bothersome turd fly making himself notable for being there and doing nothing but creating a his own stink.!

    • Oscar Pearson

      Sometimes so big they are hard to flush!

  • jjmcl431

    I am not a racist.I have a Black friend and buddy. He has four legs and a tail and speaks four languages, English, Korean, woof and arf.

  • Frank W Brown

    It TAKES ONE to KNOW ONE you f*cking idiot!

  • Greg Dennis

    Sheesh… just because some schittbag says something, that doesn’t make it so…no matter how many times they say it.
    lemon is an idiot.

    • rick meek

      You’re being polite – I WON’T….


    who is he, just another snake without a rock to live under.

    • rick meek

      With his paycheck – He’s living VERY good just like the rest of that leftie trash…..

  • dumbvet

    Lemon is a narcissistic twit!

  • Patrick Driscoll

    This clown is such a racist and the personification of how a true N thinks and acts. This clown is so bad most people ignore his ignorance and bias. Impossible to take this idiot seriously!

  • rick meek

    Just another POS earning his paycheck under the control of his puppeteer…..

  • retired4ever

    I won’t call Lemon a racist but if it looks like a duck…..

    • Oscar Pearson


  • rosalind servello

    I wonder if Don Lemon is jumping on his desk again? Don Lemon is far from being a journalist, his just another big mouth liberal.

  • Oscar Pearson

    You aren’t a journalist – you are a disgrace!

  • 2 parrots and a dog

    Lemon’s job is to report actual news without bias. That is the role of a reporter, not injecting his stupidity and bias into reports to create news. Lemon is a traitor and a liar. He has absolutely no integrity; nor does the network who hired him.

  • Letterman007

    He should look in the mirror before calling anyone names! Don’t hear him talking about the school shooter in Florida being Odummers fault, BUT IT WAS with his school program that no one knew about. Not even the school knew but it was his second idea. Now let him explain to the parents of these poor children!! It was his program that kept the shooter in that school!!

  • Original Anna

    Gees, it sounds like you spend all your time with your black friends and not your family. Who are you kidding. We all have friends we do things with but our first priority and our friends first priority is your family. And friends and family don’t get equal time. With men and women work comes first kids come second and you have to wait until the kids are out of the house for you to come first. Stop saying Trump is racist because he has five kids he didn’t abort and three marriages and businesses he’s been responsible for and TV shows and now President of our country. His life has been a hell of a lot busier than yours, Lemon, we don’t even know what you have been doing with your time although apparently your time has been spent with black friends. Take your racist Trump crap and stuff it in your mouth because you have no proof President Trump is racist. What have you done with your years besides demanding that President Trump is a racist. Any other people you got to call racist.

  • kbmiller

    Lemon is an A$$wipe. I don’t have any Korean, Phillipino, Australian, Viet Namese, Russian, French Norwegian, etc., etc., etc., friends who come over, because I don’t know any by that calling. I know them as simply, “People”. Therefore according to the lame brain Lemon, I’m racist against every group I mentioned and more. This is the main problem with the Left. They MUST put people in categories and claim victim status. PATHETIC !!!!

  • Jmanjo

    Lemon is a lemon. There isn’t anybody at CNN with half a brain.

  • Spunky

    Little girl Don is upset that he and his boyfriend had a fight so he takes it out on Trump. That is enough to show how his mental illness is.

  • mad as hell

    If Lemon can call our president a racist, I guess we can call lemon an A–HOLE

  • Bambigg

    I never watch these kind of people. Time and time again I would say that I have to watch my health! Just by hearing their names, i.e., whoopi, behar, et. al. make me puke! Oh my BP!

  • lorna shores

    too bad one of them doesn’t get sued for defamation!that might stop them in their tracks, if it was me, i`d sue, and make them prove it, , its like everything else, so and so said, but they have NO Proof!

  • dosadoe

    Lemon’s brains is racist and controls his racist mouth!

  • jim jones

    Fuck Don Lemon he is a useless asshole!

  • Bobby

    Is Lemon an IT ? Not to mention A Clueless Birdbrained Birds of a Feather ???? Sorry but you were not made properly and Half Baked !!!!!!!