DNC Chairman Calls Trump Is The Most Dangerous Man

DNC Chairman Tom Perez cried to MSNBC that President Trump is “the most dangerous president in American history,” and that the only explanation he can think of for why the president acts as a “lapdog” to Vladimir Putin is “because Putin has something on him, and that, to me, is becoming clearer and clearer with every indictment, with every guilty plea.” Perez also argued that Democrats “have to make sure that his [Trump’s] tenure is as short as possible.”

“There’s a lot of people acting like they’ve been involved in wrongdoing. And the actions of this president, whether it’s firing the former head of the FBI, whether it’s trying to pierce that brightline between the Department of Justice and the White House, so many things he’s doing. And why he continues to be Putin’s poodle, you know, he says he’s a tough guy, but he’s really Putin’s lapdog. And the only reason I can think of is because Putin has something on him, and that, to me, is becoming clearer and clearer with every indictment, with every guilty plea.”

Anchor Kasie Hunt asked Perez, “Do you think, based on what you know now, and all of what you just ticked through about the president being ‘Putin’s poodle,’ does that amount to an impeachable offense and should the Democratic Party hold the official position that this president should be impeached?”

Perez replied, “I think he’s the most dangerous president in American history, and not only because of his refusal to take actions against Russia. I mean, the most serious threat to the integrity of elections is Russia. I think he’s the most dangerous president in American history because he’s hurting workers, because he’s dividing America. And for me, as the head of the Democratic Party, the most important thing that I believe that I can do is to win elections, … So, I feel like my role is to make sure we are electing Democrats everywhere. He’s undeniably the most dangerous president in American history, and we have to make sure that his tenure is as short as possible.”

  • Spunky

    Sure picked a winner for the DNC – yea, republicans you won’t have to spend much on ads – just let these democrats talk and people will shake their head and vote republican

  • Margo

    Yeah, Trump is dangerous to criminals, corrupt politicians and anyone else threatening the
    people of this country.

  • Margo

    Reading all of the negativity from the Democrats, liberals and OLD Rinos not supporting the president
    prompts to ask..Why are you so afraid of him? Is it jealousy and envy as well? You screamed for transparency in government and when he does just that it exposes the lefts corruption. Be aware of what you say and do, it may not be to your liking. By the way…TRUMP 2020 MAGA!!!!

    • Rod

      The Demon-rats have nothing good to say because they have nothing good to offer.

  • fighter for freedom

    who do you think has their hand up Perez’s back telling him what to say – it’s Killiary b/c she was the DNC – everything had to be approved and reviewed by her – this caused an exodus of DNC staff b/c they could not deal with her acrimonious behavior

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Hitlery was and is a paid lapdog not Trump. She got $145 Million from Russia and we may never know Obozo’s cut on the Uranium One deal. Trump on the other hand can and might kill the deal so Russia did not want him in office. The only people STUPID enough to buy the Democraps LIE are the Democraps.

  • Brabado

    Has anyone told DNC’s Chairman Tony Perez that he became Chairman of the DIMI Party “by DEFAULT”, because none of its members, wanted it, and not because his brilliance and/or intelligence, either.
    Tony, wake up: the Clinton Cartel used you!
    Feel sorry Chmn. Perez is still dreaming about “this accomplishment!…
    Semper fi.

  • Martin Moon

    Perez is a big mouth punk! Just goes to show ignorance isn’t an art.

  • Sergio Pastor

    ***I have never met a most stupid Latino with a brain full of crap vomiting such non sense garbage. ….Tom make an effort to love USA and I am a Latino democrat but TRUMP is doing well by me!!!
    Viva TRUMP, amigo Dominicano

  • Rolando Raudez

    Wait, big-mouth dog Perez, what about the Russian-democratic collusion and Hillary’s business?

  • Rolando Raudez

    Wait, big-mouth dog Perez, what about the Russian-democratic collusion and Hillary’s business?

  • Maggietish

    The DNC chose Perez who is an obnoxious arrogant rude piece of trash as their head. Is this really the best they can do and all that they have to offer. If so, they’re much more pathetic than anybody even thought. This guy just sprews nothing but hatred because that’s all he’s got inside. The Democrats are petrified and literally running scared of President Trump and they should be. The Democrats haven’t done anything for the United States and the American people for decades and it’s finally caught up with them. The only thing they’re interested in is their win reelections, their corrupt anti-American political liberal/progressive socialist agenda and special interests. President Trump certainly is dangerous and a threat to the Democrats as well as Trump supporters because the Democrats reign of terror has ended. They would rather try to destroy President Trump and his supporters than change, It’s more than time for the American people to clean the swamp and kick these corrupt socialistic treasonous anti-American Democrats out of office ASAP.

  • luv1nl1fe

    Tom Perez cried to MSNBC! Of course Tommy cried, all Democrats cry about Trump being the most dangerous president to date! President Donald Trump IS the most dangerous president to date for the Democratic party and RINO’s alike! Obama had 8 years of Democrats and Repubs sitting on their asses doing next to nothing to stop Obama’s administration from running this country straight to hell! No scandals in Obama’s administration, huh? Why did Holder block the folders on Fast and Furious from getting to the oversight committee? You remember that don’t you? The operation where Obama’s administration gave over 2000 weapons to the drug cartels so gun violence would lead to absolute gun control in America. It was working until two border patrol agents were killed by individuals using guns supplied by Obama and his administration! The scandals were to numerous to list them all. President Trump is dangerous to you Democrats because he and his administration is coming for those whom who broke the laws of this country for 8 years. By the way, the information Congress called for from Holder, who was sited by Congress for obstruction, wouldn’t give up, The over sight committee have them now.

    • And of course the old putrid lying msm gave him prompts and great shots because they are the lap dogs of the vile lib/dem/socio/commies. The nasty lying msm need to be on every patriots TO Do list, they have done/are doing more harm to America than any other group of rotten TRAITORS.

  • Tony

    Trump has bulldozed over all these nay sayers and still these IDIOTS keep coming. There is NO FIXING STUPID!!!

  • DocJimmy

    The DNC and their democraps are the best example I know of for mandatory birth control for leftist progressives and the like. Then there would be NO need for Planned Parenthood – not that there was in the first place.

  • DocJimmy

    President Trump IS fixing the United States of America from the damage BOTH parties have done to it. For God’s sake, how bad can that be…?

  • Virginia Pepe

    are we sure tom is not an illegal border crosser