Dinesh D’Souza NAILS Hillary Clinton On Her BIG Benghazi LIE In This Video!!

The conservative Dinesh D’Souza has a knack of creating incisive videos that get right to the heart of the failures of liberalism, and in this latest of his pieces, he put together a very simple, clear exposition of the big lie uncovered at the Benghazi hearings that Hillary told the American public.

Watch below:

In emails uncovered in the committee it’s clear that Hillary knew the Benghazi attack was NOT caused by a video but she kept on under that charade in order to secure Obama’s second term and make sure he didn’t take the blame.

And while the media is focusing on her “performance,” Dinesh is putting forth the lies she made for all the world to see.

You can be assured that this is a message that Hillary and Obama do not want to get out.