Did Trump ‘Outsmart’ Kim Jong Un

Jeanine Pirro of Fox News discussed the eagerness of Kim Jong Un to meet the President recently.

Pirro discussed how Kim Jong-un has been “outsmarted.”

“No other president could accomplish this,” Pirro declared. “Not Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, not Bill Clinton, not George W. Bush and certainly not Barack Obama — all incapable or unwilling to confront a predictable impending disaster that Trump warned of in 1999 long before he became president.”

“Donald Trump is more than the man [Kim Jong-un] thinks he is. He has already outsmarted him and that can get us a peace deal that will certainly last a long, long time,” she stated.

  • Noah Disembet

    Good job President Trump. Keep up the good work!

  • Martin Moon

    Slow your roll. Nothing has been decided here. This needs to be handled with a specific degree of class. And if successful, America should not gloat, but quietly keep moving forward with continued guarded optimism. Everything could change in a second. That’s a problem in this country, we are not very graceful here, in short, we act like a bunch of idiots. Nobody dying or getting blown up today is a good day, and leave at that.

    • Lawrence Leon

      Agreed, maintain a sense of gratitude and humility and move forward towards a better life for all. Humankind as a whole will be better for it.

  • Meathead

    Keep putting the pressure on Un and maybe one of those old generals will get the gonads to put a bullet in the back of his head. Blatant evil needs to be destroyed and Un is evil personified.

  • doc suske

    So far, so ,good. I have hope. God Bless Trump our Knight Templar!

  • ErnieLane

    I have to think President Trump sort of likes all the “he doesn’t read, he doesn’t prepare” stuff in the media. Sort of reminds me of the “rope-a-dope.”