Democrats Insist “Nationalist” Is Racist Term

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) believes that President Trump doesn’t deserve “the benefit of the doubt that he doesn’t understand what he means when he refers to nationalists or any of these other terms. These are not just dog whistles, but it’s bullhorns.”

Hirono also spoke about Trump claiming the caravan contained Middle East migrants saying, “Well, note that he had no proof of it. And it’s just yet another example of how he stokes fear and loathing into the electorate. He knows he’s speaking to his base.”

“And the words he uses, he says he doesn’t really — he makes up his own definitions. We should stop giving him the benefit of the doubt that he doesn’t understand what he means when he refers to nationalists or any of these other terms. These are not just dog whistles, but it’s bullhorns. It’s racism. It’s basically, for many people, it’s anti-Semitic. It’s white supremacy. He knows very well what he’s talking about, even if he professes otherwise.”

  • How sad that this country has such a person with such a twisted, vicious mind serving in Congress. To claim that the word “nationalist” is somehow “racist” is typical of the tactics used by socialists, users of the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals, to vilify people you do not agree with and try to destroy them.

  • Brian E

    Hirono is one to talk. Democrats and the left have been making up definitions to suit themselves for years now. Look up the definitions of the words and many times they exclude everything they are trying to describe or have us believe.

    • Anthony Guastella

      Every Hawaiian I have ever known are stone cold racists to their teeth, especially and mostly the Japanese of which this vermin Hirono is full Japanese. Despicable and disgusting and wish we could allow Hawaii to secede from the Union and be their own nation.

      • jim

        The woman is still pissed because the Japs lost the war, but that is good for her because with her looks and mind she could not even be a good whore so she should be happy but she is to stupid to know that, go sit in a volcano bitch

  • Gordon558

    It is long past the time we should take anything the left says seriously. They redefine words at will, ignore laws they don’t like and make up interpretations of laws to create new offenses.

    They don’t like the Constitution or the Bill of Rights so they ignore them.

    Their goal is to overthrow the government and install their socialist (marxist) utopia.

    We should all Be Prepared !

    • greenlantern1

      Nixon was a LEFTY?
      Was his “hard hat” RIOT legal?
      His first AG, John Mitchell, was our only, jailed, AG!
      His first VP, Spiro Agnew, was our only VP to enter a plea bargain!
      Didn’t Trump praise him?
      Perfectly clear?

  • Will

    Of course, it’s racist when he uses the term. everything about him since I first knew of him in the 1970’s is racist. That’s his foundation, his base. He comes from a racist family; his grandfather in the Klan,his father prosecuted for racist rental practices. All you have to do is read the blogs, pages of his supporters.

    • Anthony Guastella

      Will you are either ignorant or wish to lie about people. Nonsense with a capitol “N”. Read Blogs, etc. And giving you the benefit of the doubt, what do you say about Antifa and the thugs who harass or the politicians like Waters, Schumer, Pelosi etc. who wish to shout out violence. Trump nor his family was affiliated with any Klan and you are quite mistaken. But Hillary Clinton’s mentor, the late Senator Robert Byrd was a card carrying member of the Klan. This POTUS has done nothing but good for the nation and your bigotry has blinded you to be thankful we have moved to America first and not continuing to become a slave to the Globalist elite.

      • Will

        Trumps father was arrested at a Klan rally in 1927; the same lawyer represented all 7 men arrested. Trump was/ is supported by the former leader of the KLAN David duke. Trump has been in trouble for racist policies since the mid 1970’s. Antifa stands for “anti Fascist”. My father, a ww2 vet fought fascists. the politicians you listed have never asked for or suggested violence. however, today we see the result of Trump asking for, demanding violence against his “enemies”;the MAGA bomber. robert Byrd was a well loved rep of my state; he was an OLD man, and the product of his time.. Now, list anything “GOOD” that this traitorous, lying, grifting, non-reading, science denying, non bill paying idiot has done for our great country. I was told in the mid 1970’s about this racist bully weasel. He hasn’t changed. What I”M wondering; what have YOU gotten by supporting this bunch of thieves, now poised to take Social Security and medicare? Luckily, many are headed to the Federal Pen. ‘AMERICA FIRST” IS a slogan of the KKK, btw. well done. How in hell do you sleep?

    • jim

      You are full of shit totaly

  • greenlantern1

    Doesn’t “nationalist” Trump own golf courses in Scotland?
    Condos in Baja, Mexico?

  • Free America

    They know the meaning of nationalist and it is about loyalty to country so of course they hate it they are anti American everything. They have turned the country upside down..up is down…right is wrong this is right out of the radical rule book. Sick and dangerous people.

    • Pat Cross

      well said!

    • apzzyk

      The anti-American is just your interpretation and this seems to be only widely shared by the followers of Trump. Trump has claimed this in all of his isolationist pronouncements – that all of the other countries who have been our allies and trading partners going back to WWII, have, all this time been taking advantage of us, and these assertions are not supported by fact. For example, would China have loaned us $1.2 Trillion, prior to Trump, if they would have been trying to take advantage of us, rather than trying to help us out of the bind that we got ourselfs in by cutting taxes on the wealthy and not being able to raise the money to pay for the base necessities. With the great tax reform of last year, we are only going to need over $700 Billion to get us through this fiscal year, and now all of those who have loaned us money for he past 40 years of the folly of Supply Side, have become threats to our national security, and probably won’t loan us more. If they don’t then Trumps words will become self-fullfilling prophesys, and if they cash in their US treasuries, the US will totally fail.
      When I was in the USMC, my loyaty was to the US, but I also respected all other countries and recognized their rights to do the best for their people too. We earned the position of being the leader of the free world by cooperating and developing strong relationships with other countries, and now, in less that 2 years, Trump has totally wasted all of the good will and the respect from others that we have earned. As shown by the results of the trade and tariff wars that Trump has started with China and others, we cannot survive as we are without maintaining these relationships. Check under the hood on your car or truck and see where all of the electrical and electronics were made, and what would happen if they were suddenly no longer available. Look at the labels in your clothing and think about where you might be able to get replacements. Just the tariffs on steel and the now higher prices on domestic steel will only increase the cost of a new car by $500-1,000. The prices of US washing machines and dryers have already increased by over $100 each.

      • Patrick Feeney

        I was in the Naval Amphibious Forces. We had Marines aboard. Their main activity was puking at sea! From what I just read, they are obviously still doing that, but without the ship!.

        • apzzyk

          From what I heard from the senior NCOs with whom I served, who were all WWII vets, was that the reason for putting us aboard ships was to get them sick enough so that they shot that being fired at on the beaches would be a good time. The only ones that I was on were tied up at TI and Alameda NAS. My friends on the carriers said that they were there to protect the swabbies from the sea monsters.

      • Free America

        I would like to thank you for your service.I am on the other side of your argument regarding Democrat intents for our country.We would not have needed to borrow from China or any other country IF we had fair trade that is what put us under others thumb.Other countries not only respect POTUS but recognize that he means what he says and many have come to see things his way and the rest will too because it is best for their own countries.I agree with you about the labels on our goods. NAFTA did that sending all our manufacturing jobs overseas. I want to see “made in America” again.I cannot get behind a Democrat agenda that wants higher taxes,gun control,abolish ICE and cut defense. I want to continue to go forward. I never vote on personality just policy and I like where we are going.


    These asshole democrats must not HAVE A DICTIONARY. Any word they don’t like is RACIST. BULLSHIT. ONLY RACIST IS THE DAMN DEMOCRATIC PARTY. THEY PRETEND THESE blacks are important, but soon as they get their vote, to hell with them until the next election.

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      What you said is so true, and I can’t believe the black community can’t see that. We been preaching that for quite a while now, and they still don’t get it. I hope someday they see the light, and kick every single Democrat out of office Particularly those in their own community, all I see is their black representatives are just lining their pockets, you’ll never see them living in poverty.

    • jim

      Democrats are nothing but lying fucking assholes they are the racist communist and the y know it , I wish they would leave or die

  • Don Lindsey

    Democrat is a communist term!

  • apzzyk

    The way that it is used and the outcomes and actions of the draft dodger in chief all seem to show that what she has said fits. Just a week ago, the attempt to take away refugee status from the Hatians and others from Central America, where the caravan began, was blocked by a Federal Judge who wrote in his decision that the move was made with racial animus. Animus means a motivation, and its most often used in the laws made under the Civil Rights Act of 1876 which allows those who have suffered from racial discrimination, and now discrimination on a variety of other factors that are in the Trump agenda for being repealed or reversed, such as the removal of ‘transexuals’ from their protected status. The only reason why Trump’s travel ban for the Muslim countries was upheld by the Supreme Court was that the authority to do this had been delegated to the President by Congress, and was not decided under the First Amendment as being a discrimination based on religion, as many had expected, because this ban clearly discriminates against people who follow Islam. Over the years Congress has passed immigration limitation laws which discriminate, such as the Chinese Exclution Act of the late 19th Century, and the pre WWII restriction limitations placed on people from places in Europe that had large concentrations of Jews. From the movies that I have seen of Hitler’s speeches before WWII, Trump is following closely in his steps. We now have Concentration camps using another term on our Southern Border to keep all people from the South contained while they await immigration hearings, with nothing similar associated with those who might be coming to the US from other parts of the world. If you think that the term and the definition of what she has proposed do not fit, I would be glad to hear from you.

  • Philomena

    Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) is a RACIST.

  • Medic RN

    Stand up you low life scumbags! Proudly announce your no borders, no nations, no country socialist position. What could you possibly care about what is racist? That would be assuming you HAVE a nation. You don’t. Normally, you simply murder everyone while you’re starving them, driving them in caravans to other countries…..while blameing Trump.
    Must be nice to have a built in fall guy for your feckless, ignorant liberal irresponsibility?

  • Dennis Recker

    The Democrats are liberal progressives and every nation in the world has their version of these people. They support the borderless world government approach to governing. They want the EU to grow and eventually merge with other such organizations until there is one world government. They are against a strong United States and therefore support illegal immigration. They oppose Brexit for these same reasons. Trump is for a strong America and they are opposed to him for this reason as well.

  • Patrick Feeney

    Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) is a loud mouth, Constitution trashing, freedom hater. She is unfit to serve!

  • Frank Roza

    Coming from a woman who represents the biggest welfare state in the U.S.

  • Estell Newton

    if you listen to the left every word in the English language is either racist or hate.

  • Harpistjill

    The truth is that all people are Nationalists! We all belong to a country in the world. Any American who does not identify as an American (a Nationalist), should go live in Venezuela where they can see first hand how great America is and how lucky that they are to be an American!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    the only racisum in this country is you democrats who refuse to let it die , for your own political survival , if yous would shut up about , you would never hear anyone talking about it , thanks to the kenyan freak he has put new life into the race baiting crap

  • Relief

    If you want proof that the news media, embedded politicos in the Deep State, and Hollywood are not conspiring on the definition of ‘Nationalism,’ just watch ‘Madam Secretary’ on CBS two Sundays ago. The fictional Secretary of State, Tea Leoni, responded to an attack by ‘Nationalists” on the White House. First, she consulted with 3 actual former Secretaries of State–Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, and Colin Powell, all in character, who all decried the right-wing danger posed by Nationalists across the globe and at home, resulting in an end-of-episode speech by Tea Leoni demanding an end to Nationalism and its evil ways.

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  • A_Nobody

    Well, Dumbascraps keep proving their stupid daily so no surprise. They don’t even know how to speak the language.

  • Brabado

    Evil LIberal Democrats “will fabricate/manufacture/create” any possible lie, to discredit other honest, hard working Americans that DO NOT ACCEPT THEIR LIES, COVER UPS, VOTING FRAUD, ETC., whenever they know, THE HAVE ALREADY LOST THE 2018 MIDTER ELECTIONS…
    PS: Look what is happening in Florida… Since the Democrati Candidate has so a shame past and behavior, suddenly, “Mr. Gillum raises the Race Flag, plays the Victim”, and attacks Candidate Mr. DeSantis, calling him “a racist”.

    Clearly, neither Mr. Gillum nor the Evil Democrat Party have NOTHING BETTER TO OFFER THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!


    Semper fi.

  • Jay Williams

    The left would not know what Nationalist means if it came up and spalled them in the face!!

  • Brabado

    … if so, then Liberal Democracy means Stealth Communism! Right?


    Semper fi