Democrat Claims Climate Change Caused Wildfires

Gov. Jerry Brown (D) who recently appeared on CBS, stated the increasing wildfires burning through California is a sign that “in less than five years” the “worst skeptics” will believe in climate change.

Brown stated, “Well, how they started is now the subject of investigation. The consultation occurs because the brush, the vegetation is so dry, and the humidity is so low. And when you have that and then the heat and years of drought, that gets it going. In paradise, there were a lot of buildings that also caught fire, and it just went from one to the other. So it’s a mixture of many things, and the president talked about how our forests are managed. That’s an element. But there is also the way the houses were built, the materials, what kind of vegetation is around, and then there’s also the changing climate and the increasing drought and the lowered humidity and water vapor. All of that is combining to create the tragic situation that we saw today in both northern California and here in southern California.”

He added, “Where paradise is, of course, is surrounded by federally managed land. These are national forests. They’re not state parks, and they’re not private property by Californians. So it is the federal government. And the fact is that managing the forest is part of it. They are a lot denser than they were 200 years ago, but on top of that, we have a five-year drought. We have reduced rainfall. We have the vegetation and bushes and houses and trees that turn into timber, so it’s ready to explode. So there is an atmospheric element, which is part of the natural cycle, and then there is an increasing”

“The only way to assure the long-term forest health is not just, you know, cutting trees, it’s going to require reducing carbon emissions and eventually, sooner rather than later to zero. If we don’t do that, you’re going to see these fires not only continuing but getting worse by the year as they are. The last five years, the fires have never been this bad. This fire in Malibu is the worst we’ve ever seen. This fire in Paradise in Northern California is the worst in the history of California. So, yeah, you can mold the science, but I’ll tell you, every year it’s going to get clearer and clearer so that I think in less than five years even the worst skeptics are going to be believers.”

  • peter

    Democrats bad policies of not maintaining the forests caused wildfires. Democrats always blame others for their insanity!

  • David Rice

    demorats are idiots must of the wild fire are caused by some moron with a camp fire , lightening or some stupid smoker who throws his cancer stick out he care window. they just use climate change as a excuse..

  • The poor guy he is going to be disowned by the DemocRATS.

  • Estell Newton

    If the democrats would take the gas cap off their vehicles and fart into their tanks instead of into the air the wild fires probably wouldn’t be happening.

  • OldTaxman

    This might be a serious issue if Demoncrats as a whole and Jerry Brown in particular weren’t so outrageously stupid in both their so-called reasoning and their accusations.

  • gvette

    Liberal stupidity caused them. Then again, liberal stupidity causes a lot of problems!

  • WilliamHarrington

    Stupidity causes Democrats.

  • 1966pontgp

    Have you ever heard of something called kindling? It usually consists of twigs and small branches and it is used to START fires. Being that the brush in the woodlands has been allowed to build up, thank you tree huggers, there is plenty of KINDLING present to cause fires. This is why it is recommended that people that live in areas of high fire danger clear areas around their homes and make them as fire resistant as possible. So, to appease the environmentalists who are screaming at the fires being started by global warming look in the mirror. You ARE THE GLOBAL WARMING!!! Now go find a burning tree to hug or burn that twig in your pants!

  • Jmanjo

    California under Gov Brown has gone backward in everything. The rangers and fire control people cannot remove and cull downed timber and brush due to state orders and rules so they turned the whole place into a tinderbox. Everything the Democrats have done in California has been a bust. They are ignorant, they are criminal, and they are loons!