Trump Backed by Cowboys Owner

With the absolute hysteria the NFL is causing nationwide with their disrespectful antics including kneeling for the American National Anthem, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones decided to share his thoughts.

Jones, who is going through his own media controversies, commented on President Trump’s recent and very opinionated tweet where he reprimanded the NFL’s attempt of a compromise:


The NFL is now thinking about a new idea – keeping teams in the Locker Room during the National Anthem next season. That’s almost as bad as kneeling! When will the highly paid Commissioner finally get tough and smart? This issue is killing your league!…..

Jones responded in all honesty:

“Donald Trump is a longtime fan of sport and longtime fan of football and has been involved as (an) owner in professional football, so he has some knowledge.”

He later commented that he believes that President Trump’s goal is like his, to make the game better.

  • meddah4

    Jerry Jones is right. Goodell is a feeble wussie. Goes to show you how much corporate America thinks of themselves rather than the U.S.A. The country that gave them the free market they snob and thumb their noses at. They definitely hate America. Stand up for America ya Un-American 455h0l3s. Why don’t you go live in the middle east, Goodell. You’ll be happier there.

    • tCotUS

      Well Stated!!

    • charles17121

      That is my thoughts also ! Long time Baltimore Ravens fan but no longer after the stunk they pulled in London England this past September . I am not talking about them losing the game to Jacksonville , I’m talking about most of the Ravens team kneeling for our National Anthem and then standing for GOD save the queen ! As a Baltimore resident we take pride in the fact that Baltimore Maryland is the home of our National Anthem ! Maybe the Ravens team and management should go back to grade school and learn about the war of 1812 and what happened in 1814 and the bombing of a fort in Baltimore Harbor by British ships ! The survival of that fort and American Flag is the reason for our National Anthem , you idiots !

      • meddah4

        I live in Seattle and been a long time Seahawks fan. Bennette started pulling that knee cr4p in front of everybody. But Goodell has the power to do something about it, wussed out. So do the owners so as far as I’m concern. the first game this season was the last. Since then, I’ve gotten into multiplayer computer games on the weekend. It’s better than I hoped. Should look into it. I’m 68 and too tired to harbor another football related grudge. I’ve saved a lot of money not buying tickets, amenities, gas and parking tickets. I can play all year around and not go home from losing games, mulling around the house, upsetting the dog. Lol. I play Battlefield and Call of Duty games. Too much fun.

  • NolanR

    Like someone said you can’t let the inmates run the prison! And a lot of them should be in prison!

    • meddah4

      Heh, heh!

    • charles17121

      NFL= National Felony Leg

  • scott forman

    Goodell needs to be fired, not extended. His action on suspensions with NO proof is in-American. send this commie to China.

    • meddah4

      You got that right. I’ve actually stopped watching the NFL. I’ve been playing computer games on the internet which is turning out to be more fun.

  • Harold Sammons

    Maybe what Trump has been saying is starting to be heard!

  • greenlantern1

    CONFEDERATE General Beauregard DISRESPECTED OLD GLORY at Fort Sumter!
    He used it for target practice when he ordered his men to fire at it!
    President Trump was there!
    Fort Sumter is located at Patriot’s Point, South Caroli!
    So is the museum of the USS YORKTOWN!
    He gave a campaign speech aboard that ship!
    Why didn’t he visit the fort?
    The STAR-SPANGLED BANNER is not at Fort McHenry.
    It is on display, at the Smithsonian, on the National Mall, in Washington,

  • William Gordon

    Goodell must go